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Criado em: 24 Jul 2007
romantic comedy film released by Warner Bros. on February 9, 2007 in the United Kingdom. The film stars Hugh Grant as Alex Fletcher, a washed-up 1980s pop star and Drew Barrymore as Sophie Fisher,...

Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant) is a former pop star. As one of the founding members of the band Pop!, he enjoyed considerable fame and success during the 1980s and early 1990s. Fifteen years after PoP! disbanded, Alex has acknowledged that he is a has-been. A chance to recapture his former stardom comes in the form of a duet with mainstream pop singer Cora Corman (Haley Bennett), whom he must compose a song titled "Way Back into Love" for in a matter of days. However, to Alex's dismay, he has not written a song in years, and tells his manager (Brad Garrett) that he will need help from a lyricist.
Alex meets Sophie Fisher (Drew Barrymore) when she comes to his house to water his plants. Sophie is a former English literature major reeling from a disastrous romance. She is also a writer with little confidence in her abilities. Alex requests Sophie's assistance on the song, and although she initially declines, after a series of conversations with him, she agrees to collaborate. There are signs of a budding romance as the two write the song, which they finish in three days. Cora likes the song, but includes an edgy Indian-themed introduction that clashes with the song. Conflict arises when Sophie insists on telling Cora about her concerns with the changes, but Alex prevents this for fear of offending Cora. Their relationship ends because they are unable to compromise.

Cora invites Alex and Sophie to the first concert on her new tour, at which she is due to premiere "Way Back into Love". However, to Sophie's surprise, Cora announces "a new song by Alex Fletcher", and she begins to leave, under the impression that Alex stripped her of her songwriting credit. Alex instead performs an entirely new song ("Don't Write Me Off") written by himself about his and Sophie's relationship, despite his admitted inability to write lyrics. Alex tells Sophie backstage that he convinced Cora to remove the Indian-themed introduction of "Way Back into Love" as an attempt to "win her back". The original version of the song is performed by the two (Alex and Cora), after which Alex and Sophie kiss backstage.

Music & Lyrics
1. Pop! Goes My Heart - Hugh Grant
2. Buddha’s Delight - Haley Bennett
3. Meaningless Kiss - Hugh Grant
4. Entering Bootytown - Haley Bennett
5. Way Back Into Love (Demo Version) - Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore
6. Tony the Beat - The Sounds
7. Dance With Me Tonight - Hugh Grant
8. Slam - Hugh Grant
9. Don’t Write Me Off - Hugh Grant
10. Way Back Into Love - Hugh Grant & Haley Bennett
11. Different Sound - Teddybears feat. Malte
12. Love Autopsy - Hugh Grant

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