• Tim_muse disse...
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    • Out 2 2006, 18h10


    Guys, this scares me.

    There is no website configured at this address.

    This is what i get when I try to acces the site!

    • Teneroth disse...
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    • Out 2 2006, 18h35
    Heh I just realised I posted my observation in the main Muse group ( Before, it was redirecting to, but now I get what you get, so it can't be a domain name hijack. cPanel has been notorious recently for its security issues, so I suppose waiting for the hosting company to resolve this is in order.

  • i still get the lavasoft thingy :s

    • Tim_muse disse...
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    • Out 3 2006, 6h19
    Greetings all muselive users. We are experiencing major technical difficulties at this time, we have a full backup of the site so don't worry we WILL BE BACK SOON. This may take some time dependant on what action we need to take in order to get the site back up. We have NOT been hacked, this is a server issue that sadly we have no control over. We are trying to get in contact with our host to resolve this issue, if that fails we have the means to recreate the site on this server to the exact state it was when it went down so don't worry muselive will be back.

    Please tell everyone you know from muselive to access the site using this address ( not until further notice.

    Muselive would like to thank you for your continued support and assure you we will be back soon.


    MuseLive Admin Team

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Out 3 2006, 8h54
    It's funny how much we all depend on one litte site! :p

  • Yeh!

    At least it's all back up now :)

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