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A group for listeners of Modus and Ambient New Age Chillout Downtempo World Fusion and other similar genres of music.

Firstly a BIG hello to everyone! I have started this group to bring together all my listeners and friends together in one place. Lots of you will know each other I am sure! and I hope that you will all use this group as a virtual 'coffee bar' and sit down together and share your love of music and make new friends.

If you love Ambient, Chillout, New Age, World Fusion, Trip-Hop, Downtempo, Ambient Trance etc. etc. I hope this group will be a great place for you to find new music and share with others what you find so special about these genres of music and the artists you love.

If you have not heard Modus before please take a listen to my album The Colour of Love

On a personal note I would be extremely grateful if when you listen to a Modus track you would leave a comment, It is great to have feedback positive or negative and if you would TAG my music as much as possible with whatever genres or similar artists you think suitable then again I would be most grateful.

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