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    Best pit I've ever been in was... Man thats tough... Lamb of God I got the shit kicked out of me by some huge marine dude. That was pretty awesome, especially when my boy Alex floored him. But Dethklok was pretty wicked to... Got into a friendly brawl and was all over that pit. Both were awesome

  • Although the Cavalera Conspiracy pit was the hardest I've ever been in, I'll go with Anti-flag. Yea, screw me, pop-punk sucks and stuff, come kick me for it, and wind up with two black eyes. Anyway, the pit, I just have a strange love for circle pits... Intense... Especially when you stand in the middle and see everyone rushing around you, pick out one target, and give it a hit that makes 'em end up five meters out of the pit grounds. Anyway, gunna have 5 concerts in a few months, so I guess I'll find meself something better soon.

  • Oh hell yea, circle pits are nice. I like it most when two pits kind of migrate and form one giant pit. Was in one pit where it turned into two circle pits that connected and made a figure eight. That was awesome.

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    best pit... yeah it was frontside (polish metalcore band). my face was broken after this shit. and sing-a-longs were great too. my last mosh was the carrier (melodic hardcore) it was nice too but not that brutal.

  • @the_impaler: sounds fuckin awesome, I'd love to be in one like that.

    Last saturday I went to Rise Against/Strike Anywhere/Rentokill. The Strike Anywhere pit in particular was brutal, but my favourite part of the evening was the stagediving on RA's performance. Gone like 5 times, and 2 times pitdiving. Jeez, pitdiving is lethal, I love it.

  • ya know... I can't say that I've ever stage dived before. And on that note I have only crowd surfed once as I'm usually the person picking people up to throw on top of everyone else so they can crowdsurf.... damn i need to change that...

  • I had crowdsurfed before, but stagediving is a whole different story, since your actually standing on stage with the band. And then just jump, and trust they will catch you. Not that they have a choice actually, it's catching or landing on em. It's great, you should surely do it.

  • Heh, only been to two or three shows where I could have gotten onto the stage without security stopping me. Next time i hit a more underground show I'll have to do that.

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  • Cannibal Corpse, when Hammer Smashed Face was played, everyone went fucking mental, I still have the bruises

  • nice. saw a vid a while back of this guy who broke his neck at a CC concert. His response? went to another show in a wheelchair and rocked that shit out. I would love to see them live. lucky bastard

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