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Líder: Wonaldo
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Criado em: 19 Jul 2008
Music with a melancholic character..
It can be happy ,it can be sad.Artists use piano,guitar,clarinet,violin,ukelele, melodica,accordeon,glockenspiel,mandolin,banjo, percussion,voice and even...

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This is a new genre for upcoming artists who make Music with a melancholic character.
Artists use piano,guitar,clarinet,violin,ukelele, melodica,accordeon,glockenspiel,mandolin,
banjo, percussion,voice and even electronic instruments to create melancholic tunes .
It can be happy,it can be sad, (mainly without lyrics),Even in combination with film.
This music can be suitable for movies,documentaries and commercial breaks.
inspired by :Yann Tiersen,Gustavo Santaolalla,Devendra Banhart,,Pink Floyd
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Only artist with less than 25000 plays can be connected to this group
Why?Because it is a genre for upcoming talent, and we want to create a new stream in music with new artists !
Ofcourse in the long run some artists will get more than 25000 plays, so they can become real pioneers of melancholism!

Following charts are based on an amalgam of the amount of plays by artists of this group,the way a track or artist fits into the genre and on personal votes of members of this group !
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