The medieval scene in your countries?

    • Mondheim disse...
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    • Dez 15 2009, 21h23

    The medieval scene in your countries?


    I've got a question to this international audience.

    First of all, let me describe the situation in Germany.

    The scene is divided. The major fraction take the medieval idea in stride like a Hollywood knight's tale, to have a nice time. The minor fraction try to reconstruct original medieval living.

    In nearly all german medieval forums you've got a extrem clash of interests!

    Especially the "true" fraction cannot accept the "fun" fraction. They accuse the "fun" fraction to produce a wrong picture of medieval living on renaissance fairs. They cannot accept that the average visitor choose this event knowingly.

    In my opinion, the "true" fraction should appear on such events and try to get some visitors into original medieval living. So both sides can benefit. But I think they are frustrated that their exceeding assignment will always target a small group of enthusiasts.

    You just need two "true" medievalist to get for example a dispute about correct medieval clothes. An other clasic question: Is it permissible to call a band that mixes medieval music with electronic sounds, like Helium Vola, a medieval band ?

    This are the annoying discussions in german medieval forums and this is the old german curse, to do things at least 150% correct!

    In the past, I found shelter in an austrian forum, a very peaceful experience.No harping on about principles, but a strong interest in the historical medieval aspects. The chance to discuss controversial issues without wrongs and a caring handling of the "Ivanhoe" fraction!

    Plese describe the situation in your country!

    In the end, I like the historical middle ages AND the mystical & romantic variation.

    And yes, many people in Germany will denial that a medieval scene really exist!

    • Sighild disse...
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    • Dez 19 2009, 10h55
    I cannot tell you anything more about France! We do have medieval and renaissance venues, exhibitions and so on... Perhaps the most popular in and outside France is that of Provins and some would say it is a bit commercial... Well, any event needs money to be well conducted so no wonder but how many sacrifices for that?

    I saw a medieval band, La Maurache which released many albums for at least 20 years and it was rejoicing!

    What about Eastern countries? I know there are some good bands in Czech Republic, what about the others?

    precious things
    • Mondheim disse...
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    • Dez 20 2009, 19h42
    Provins seems to be a good setting for all kinds of medieval activities.
    The internet pictures I found, look very impressive!

    My first medieval association to France was Carcassonne!
    Unlike Carcassonne, Provins is not a "trip around the world" away from Germany.

    By the way, many German medieval bands interpret French music!
    I never heard a German complain about the correct articulation.

    But every German "true" medievalist who attend a IKEA-market, once in a lifetime, has to complain about the dreadful articulation of the popular Swedish ballad "Herr Mannelig" by some German bands.

    You have to say:" Oh, I can't take this, I prefer the Garmarna version!"

    Don't get me wrong, the Garmarna version is beautiful, but it's ridiculous to complain about the articulation of a language, that you are not versed in. The only reason is to pretend:"Hey, I've got a better understanding of "true" medieval then you!"

    This "my medieval knowledge is more "true" then yours" is sadly widespread in German forums!

    Hope there is a spirit in the French medieval scene like: "Live and let live". ;-)

    I'm curious about the eastern Europe scene, too.

    As an adorer of gothgirls or better,ladies with a dark-romantic soul, I've noticed, that a majour group of this people, with a medieval interest, are from Poland.

    • Azargled disse...
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    • Jul 28 2011, 21h43
    Greece - not very much into medieval, modern bad music and cheap culture is everywhere... there is Daemonia Nymphe of course, although their music can be categorised more as 'ancient' than 'medieval'... Defile Des Ames have some medieval influences as well, but haven't heard them much.

    • Wraith89 disse...
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    • Jul 30 2011, 9h32
    You've mixed two things here - the attitude towards reenacting and towards music. I can't tell much about music, but when it comes to reenactment... I'm still a beginner but as far as I can see the further east (of Europe) you go, the more 'hardcore' fighting is. I've heard an opinion that we, here in Poland, fight in a very brutal manner. I can also see that there are mainly two factions - extremely historically accurate people on the one hand and people who almost don't care about it. Actually, there is also one faction, the greatest - in between. It consists of people who are trying to find a compromise between historical accuracy and healthy and safe fun (in terms of fighting). I've also noticed one weird thing - certain people, who complain on using leather vambraces or gloves ( there is no evidence for using them in the early middle ages) don't fight and don't understand the safety needs.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Jan 10 2012, 17h19
    I live in Australia, so pretty non-existent :C

  • Well, you described the situation in Germany pretty well I think, and I guess most people know that what they see on such events is not authentic. Except the idiots that consider every bagpipe to be scottish. I personally am more into the mystical stuff, I love musicians with biiiig bagpipes running around with leather skirts, people mixing diffenrent times up in their clothing and so on.

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