Medications - Andrew Becker / Shoegaze = Mary Timony

  • Medications - Andrew Becker / Shoegaze = Mary Timony

    Man this group is quiet, and small given the awesomeness of the band.

    Nevertheless, I'll try to drum up something by asking who else is enjoying the Mary Timony stuff Devin Ocampo has worked on. I've just ordered Ex Hex, but if like me you're impatient there's a song or two here.

    Finally, why do I end up listening to Anal Blast when I hit up the Medications group radio? One of you is to blame...

  • Anal Blast?

    Are you serious? Oh what poor timing ;)

    Maybe I'll join your quiet little group. However, I reckon there might be competition, which would explain said quietness - there are at least 4 other groups, although most are less appropriately named...


    to beard or not to beard, that is the question
  • FOUR other groups about this band? don't believe it. don't find them either. there's a band called "Medication" which might possibly get mixed up...

  • ooh wow, some members, not looked here in ages. Yeah Mary Timony is a genius and Devin on her side and Chad she cant go wrong wit hthe new album.

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