• Louder, Darker, Sadder, Better?

    Fev 27 2007, 4h31 por eyoungdale07m

    I am listening toNeon Bible for the second time and I am amazed by its volume. Arcade Fire delivers the same bombastic choruses and crescendos that we heard from them on Funeral, but this time, instead of a manic exhuberance, the theme is impending doom. A solid second album, and though I miss the explosions of joy on Funeral, I think this one may be even better.
  • Music and Medicine

    Jun 14 2006, 1h04 por eyoungdale07m

    For me, music and the first two years of medical school pretty much went hand in hand. Nothing makes sorting through a hundred pages of notes more bearable than a new cd. I remember falling in love with Siamese dream about ten years after everyone else, while memorizing pathology notes. Music always reminds me of why it is good to be alive, a good antidote to medical school, which has often made me wish I was dead :)
    Now I am in my third year of med school and out of the classroom and onto the wards, so I don't have the same opportunity to listen like I used to. However, I still love listening to radiohead (usually Hail to the Thief) at 2 in the morning when I am on call and nothing pressing is happening. And my best music/medicine memory yet occured this year. I was in a loooong surgery where the surgeons were rebuilding a baby's skull, and one of the doctors brought his ipod and had it on shuffle. Smells Like Teen Spirit came on, and everybody in the operating theater started bobbing their heads, med students, doctors, scrub nurses, everyone. It was awesome, one of the most surreal things I have ever seen. All the brilliant surgeons, in such a critical surgery, were just taking a second to feel the music. I hope my job will always allow me to take a second like that.