• Best opening lyric

    Fev 2 2007, 10h51 por netclectic

    There's plenty of them out there, i'm sure you could fill a top ten just from Bob Dylan tracks alone, but this number from John Cale would have to rate amongst them...

    "The bugger in the short sleeves fucked my wife."

  • My Favorite Music Tools (part 2) - MusicIP Mixer

    Jul 22 2006, 20h05 por teknojnky

    Continuing the series of my favorite music tools, The MusicIP Mixer (the mixer formally known as Prince, er I mean Music Magic Mixer!) is primarily a playlist generator. I use this app quite a bit, when not using the scrobblerdj script (discussed in my first journal entry).

    The mixer uses some technology called MusicDNS, which is a patented music analysis which allows the mixer to generate playlists based on acoustic properties (acoustic fingerprint), among several other things.

    The basic premise is that various music has acoustical relationships with other music that we may not even be aware of, and the mixer uses these properties to generate the playlists of hopefully good music we would enjoy based on the seed song(s)/artist(s).

    This is somewhat similiar to how builds music relationships based on users and how they play their music, but acoustically driven instead of user/submission driven.

    The mixer has quite a few adjustable perameters and options to adjust the variety/consistency... you can even right click a track and replace it/the artist, or say you want 'more like this' or 'less like this' to be integrated to the current mix.

    A few other features include syncing of various usb mp3 players, basic tag editing, generate a list to help find duplicate tracks, fix inconsistent artists, etc, can use as a UPNP server for use with streaming clients, can run as windows service, and many more features to come in the future.

    While the mixer has a lot of positive things going for it, there are a few annoyances and potential pitfalls you should be aware of... Currently the 1.6 version has some issues with non-ansi characters, like Motley Crue, Tiësto, Unloco and such. If you chose the 'archive analysis' option (which saves the analysis info to the tags, you can end up with some mangled tags... so its better for now to just leave that option disabled.

    While the basic mixer is free, several of the advanced features do require a 'registered' key to enable.

    One rather large annoyance is the time it takes to fully analyse your library. Depending of course on the size and how 'common' the tracks are, it can take from several hours, to a couple days, to a few weeks to fully analyse everything...

    and while the analysis is processing it can use quite a bit of cpu and ram making it difficult to do other stuff... best to run at night or change the priority using task manager to low priority so your other programs do not get bogged down.

    The good thing is that you can generally get started mixing relatively quickly, as the mixer will make a quick identifcation pass by name before diving in to any full analysis required. Any track that is 'green' is mixable with others.

    Another really good thing is that MusicIP has partnered with MusicBrainz to provide the MusicDNS fingerprinting identification techonology for use with the MusicBrainz Picard Tagger... as more tracks get associated with the musicbrainz database, it becomes a very nice way to get your tags metadata cleaned up and made consistent. (my journal on musicbrainz should be posted in the coming days)

    The fingerprinting library (but not the analysis techology) is even available open source to be added to any other apps that wish to use the features MusicIP has available.

    edit: Here is an example 80 minute playlist generated (based on my current settings) with the track Project Pitchfork Timekiller (And One remix) as the mix 'seed'.

    J:\Music\P\Project Pitchfork\Project Pitchfork - 2004 - Timekiller - 05 - Timekiller (And One remix).mp3
    J:\Music\_NEW_\Das Ich\Das Ich - 1996 - Kindgott - 01 - Kindgott.mp3
    J:\Music\_NEW_\Icon of Coil\Icon of Coil - 2004 - Machines Are Us - 08 - Transfer-Complete.mp3
    J:\Music\_NEW_\Neuroactive\Neuroactive - 2000 - Neurology 1994-2000 - 04 - Defeated (Neurosonic mix) 1999.MP3
    J:\Music\_NEW_\Techno\Techno - [Random Techno] - Initial D - Burning Desire.mp3
    J:\Music\I\Icon Of Coil\Icon Of Coil - 2006 - II - 13 - Situations Like These (album version).ogg
    J:\Music\_NEW_\Das Ich\Das Ich - 2000 - Re_Laborat - 02 - Das Ich im Ich (And One remix).mp3
    J:\Music\I\Icon Of Coil\Icon Of Coil - 2006 - II - 01 - Former Self (V.1. 0).ogg
    J:\Music\_NEW_\In Strict Confidence\In Strict Confidence - 2002 - Herzattacke - 08 - Herzattacke (single version).mp3
    J:\Music\_NEW_\Das Ich\Das Ich - 1997 - Destillat - 04 - Chroma (Soldano version).mp3
    J:\Music\_NEW_\Assemblage 23\Assemblage 23 - Document.mp3
    J:\Music\_NEW_\Project Pitchfork\Project Pitchfork - 2005 - Kaskade - 02 - The Future Is Now.mp3
    J:\Music\_NEW_\Neuroactive\Neuroactive - 2000 - Neurology 1994-2000 - 205 - Media Player (radio edit).MP3
    J:\Music\_NEW_\Das Ich\Das Ich - 1997 - Egodram - 07 - Krieger.mp3
    J:\Music\_NEW_\Project Pitchfork\Project Pitchfork - 2005 - Kaskade - 07 - Abyss.mp3
    J:\Music\_NEW_\Project Pitchfork\Project Pitchfork - 2002 - Inferno - 08 - Awakening.ogg
    J:\Music\0-9\311\311 - 1997 - Transistor - 03 - Galaxy.mp3

    The mixer has recently started 1.7 beta, you can learn about joining the beta here.

    (to be continued...)
  • My Favorite Music Tools - MediaMonkey

    Jul 19 2006, 0h31 por teknojnky

    So anyway, I hadn't made use of this journal feature so I figured a good topic to start would be my favorite music tools.

    Best Music manager/player, Mediamonkey. I've been using mediamonkey for about 9 months or so now. While name may seem silly, the features and usefullness of this app is pretty much unsurpassed.

    MM supports many winamp 2.x plugins, input/output/vis and general plugins. Unfortunately medialibrary plugins typically won't work. However, with vbscripting support, a whole slew of features can be added to customize it beyond the default featureset to the limits of the scripters imagination.

    One such script, which coincedently is related to ScrobblerDJ a script by Psyxonova, combines the power of Last.FM with the scripting capabilities of MM, and your entire library of tracks to enqueue tracks to your playlist based on related/recommended tracks/artists that exist within your library.

    Basically ya start with a single track, or as the last track plays in your current playlist, scrobblerdj will connect to and retrieve a list of related music, checks it against the tracks in your library (with a variety of options/restrictions) and enqueue's a related track or a track from a user specified default playlist if no available tracks are found.

    And so begins the process, scrobblerdj will automagically enqueue a new track whenever the last track of the playlist starts, constantly adding a new track somehow related to the previous. A magical musical journey throughout your library, hopefully giving you the best of favorite songs and tracks you havent heard in a while or didn't even knew you had.

    Over the last few months, scrobblerDJ has been the source of a majority of my musical playlist and an absolute beautiful addition to MediaMonkey.

    Psyxonova has posted he is in the middle of re-writing the script from the ground up to streamline and extend the script with even better functionality, personally I extremely excited about the future version.

    Aside from scrobblerdj, there are many other awesome scripts available in the scripting forums, a couple highlights are Trixmoto's wonderful google art finder and batch art finder scripts. These scripts can help you find missing album art via google image search and automagically add it to your MM library and mp3 files.

    Another great script is Diddeleedoo's Auto-rate script. This script will automatically increase or decrease the rating of your tracks as they get played or skipped.. more plays within a user specified range will increase the rating, skipped files will lower rating.

    Used in conjunction with scrobblerdj, you can skip passed songs you dont like and if it makes the track fall under your scrobblerdj settings, it wont get played again and conversely songs which get played by scrobbler dj will slowly increase in rating (dependent on how often etc).

    to be continued....
  • Chronological Track/Album Tagging Research Resources

    Mai 15 2006, 13h17 por IanAR

    I've noticed a number of folk're tagging tracks'n'albums by their release date - bravo! Those who're chronologically tagging artists shame on you! Led Zeppelin might be called a (or 60s-00s, at a stretch), but , or is just plain wrong!

    I'm doing a little chronological track tagging, as I pass by, but see that some intrepid folk're doing research/list-based tagging of whole decades, or, at least, their fav'es within. However, I've not seen any posts on how to generate such lists.

    Its good to see release dates appearing on Last.FM and in combination with Google, this can provide a slightly useful list, e.g. for 1990 releases. However, the size of such lists is difficult daunting and the format's difficult to manipulate.

    I had a quick look at Discogs for help, but the fact that release dates are of varying precision (day, month or year), combined with the format of the date being in non-Scandinavian (where the year is presented first), makes a Google, on the site, for releases by year, hopelessly spammy. Maybe we'll have one day :P

    I've not looked much further along this line, though other search engines, applied to these, and other, music info' sites, may prove useful.

    The best looking options, I found, were within AllMusic's Advanced Search, where one can pick Pop -> Album, then pick:
    • Style + Year of Release then genre (e.g. Jazz), then style (e.g. Bop), then year (e.g. 1959) and get this lovely list. Great if you're chronologically tagging sub-genre.
    • or Chart + Year + Chart Position then Billboard® Chart (e.g. Top Jazz Albums), then year (e.g. 1980), then option for whole decade and #1/Top-10 hits, e.g. giving this lovely list of Billboard® top 10 jazz albums for the 1980s. Good if you're happy to follow the herd and want a wider view on things, than above.

    There're plenty of other options to play with, amongst these options. Have fun!

    Note: AllMusic optionally holds both release and recording dates. I'm not sure which take priority, in the above queries, but if only recording dates are known, the start of recording is what they seem to pick-up on.

    If you know of other good resources, for this sort of research, please post a comment, with link(s).

    Abr 17 2006, 10h07 por dunnno

    I'm sorry for that, mediamonkey is really awesome. I've found anything better yet.
    Itunes is really not as good (that's what i think).
    But mediamonkey can't submit japanese characters through the scrobbler winamp plugin. All i get is question mark characters (???????????). That messes up my library and the stats of
    So i now listen my music through the Itunes thingie that I still have some repulsion (it's too heavy, not enough intuitive...). Anyway.
  • Mash it up Harry!

    Mar 27 2006, 11h48 por netclectic

    Today is the 6th anniversary of the passing of Ian Dury. A great man sadly missed, the world is a lesser place without him! At least we have his music to console ourselves.

    If you do one thing today... listen to some Ian Dury!

    Ian Dury
    Ian Dury & The Blockheads
  • I owe my music taste to this thing.

    Fev 20 2006, 15h48 por delreal

    I really think that is the best web app, and the most interesteing community ever, but I can't stay all day and every day playing music on iTunes to keep tracking audioscrobbler. It used to do it, it was sooo nice, but this year i just can't, and i bought an ipod too, so i won't have to turno on this thing to listen my music, but I will keep coming and look at my neightbours favourite songs and groups.

    I owe my music taste to this thing.