Bands that could fit in "similar artists" to Maximum the Hormone

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    • Fev 24 2012, 22h29

    Bands that could fit in "similar artists" to Maximum the Hormone

    Don't know if does any one of you broses this forum. However we surely know how poor Maximum the Hormone's "Similar artist" section is, so I've decided to show my discoveries of bands that might fit in:

    Garlic Boys


    The Mad Capsule Markets

    Midi Surf

    ヌンチャク (Nunchaku)


    地獄車 (Jigoku Kuruma)


    Bands that I mentioned were active mostly during the 90s. I think that some of them still might be active.
    I know that not every of them plays music that sounds that much like Maximum the Hormone, but in general this thread is for bands that have actually something in common with MtH's music or might appeal to MtH fans. Feel free to shout, if you have any suggestions. I also will from time to time edit this post :)

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    • Fev 26 2012, 6h47
    What about NOBODYS? MTH has a cover of them! Well actually they strung together two NOBODYS songs, "Why can you stand?" and "I hate fuckin' myself".

    I hate fuckin' myself
    Why can you stand?

    I couldn't find too much information about them because apparently they're not very well known outside Japan, all I could find was in Japanese and I don't speak it, but for what I think I could understand (thanks Google translator) they were active in the mid 90's and they've released one album and (I think) one best of so far, called Why can you stand? and "Nobodys knows NOBODYS 1994 - 1998".

    Also, there is a band called Nobodys from the USA and they also play punk. I don't know if they have influenced MTH and I don't know if this band has some kind of relation with the Japanese one besides sharing the same name and music style.

    Although both Nobodys might not "sound similar" to MTH, I think the punk influence it's pretty clear.

    BTW, I ripped Why can you stand? off YT because I couldn't find it anywhere, it sounds great. In case anyone want the .mp3 album, feel free to leave me a shout!

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    • Mai 7 2012, 20h56
    Aw, late response is late, but good that you've mentioned Nobodys. Generally it's said that there was a "new wave" crossover punk scene in Japan that was very strong back in the 90's. On Garlic Boys biography I've read that their guitarist has contributed to come into being in 1993, by founding Rotten Orange record studio, where some bands that I've listed were signed.
    I'm preety sure that Maximum the Hormone might have taken influence from them, since on wiki said that apart form Red Hot Chili Peppers, they were influence from their homeland, maybe that's what they meant,

    Anyway, another perfect band to fit in would be Cocobat. Although they aren't so similar, they have solid bassist.

  • SOAD

    I can only see System Of A Down as a legitimate similar artist...

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