Favourite marina song?

  • Favourite marina song?

    mine has to be hermit the frog or Mowgli's road?Mowgli's Road

    • xParker disse...
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    • Mai 4 2009, 21h35
    I Am Not A Robot is my favourite

  • Hermit the Frog and Mowgli's Road too! haha :D

  • Hermit the Frog and Mowgli's Road too! haha :D

    • PavelBJ disse...
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    • Mai 5 2009, 15h44
    I Am Not A Robot. Woo.

    Biko Toughen Up...
    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Mai 8 2009, 2h24
    I really really love Shampain/The Shampain Sleeper the most, but all of them are pretty great (and I Am Not a Robot is gaining fast).

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  • I like all of them but some favs include Mowgli's, Girls and Seventeen. But my current fav is one that not many of you have heard, it's "Horror Pop" from the Mermaid vs. Sailor EP. It's a bit of a crazy ditty about whether she should fall in love with other Libras (her star sign). Of course, it has extra appeal to me as I'm also Libra.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Ago 22 2009, 14h51
    for some reason i really love Jealousy (Demo). I hope she changes nothing. I LOVE IT!

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Ago 22 2009, 22h00
    Mowgli's road, it's so unique. After that it would be Seventeen, hermit the frog, outsider and jealousy.

  • Shampain, Seventeen, Numb and Hermit The Frog

  • Mowgli's road, Oh no!, obsessions

    • sientjee disse...
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    • Mai 10 2010, 20h22
    Mowgli's Road (L)

  • hermit the frog, definitely <3

    • Sofia--- disse...
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    • Mai 30 2010, 15h10
    Mowgli's Road <3

  • Such an fantastic album, really hard to say... guess, my top favourites are:
    I am not a Robot, Obsessions and The Outsider...

    Maybe it will change after I've seen Marina live in JUST 1 WEEEEK.... :o)))

  • Hollywood

    • franekyy disse...
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    • Jun 8 2010, 13h38
    Mowgli's road
    the most marvellous song I've ever heard!

  • Oh No! by far is my favorite

    Seventeen & Simplify from the EP are also incredible .. very bold

  • album: almost every song, changing daily... ;o)
    live: starstrukk

    • Lamprog disse...
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    • Jun 15 2010, 0h05
    Mowgli's Road, Oh No!, The Family Jewels and Robot. :) Starstrukk is the best cover up to now.

    To the hidden life
    of the empire
    that sleeps in the frozen lakes

    (Shearwater - Hidden Lakes)
    • -CoB- disse...
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    • Jun 20 2010, 18h46
    oh no, RU satisfied, seventeen

  • I Am Not a Robot, The Outsider, Oh No!, Simplify, Girls, Rootless, Mowgli's Road, Numb, and Jealousy.

    -Love, Peace, Vegan
    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Jul 2 2010, 23h04
    I am Not a Robot, Obsessions, and Mowgli's Road. :)

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Jul 8 2010, 1h45
    You're abominable socially, you're just a little bit too much like me - Hermit The Frog

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