Mac OS X Lion - anybody upgraded yet?

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    • Jul 28 2011, 13h41

    Mac OS X Lion - anybody upgraded yet?

    Just wondering if anyone has upgraded from Snow Leopard to Lion yet, and have they encountered any problems in doing so?

  • Just got my first Mac, which runs OS X Lion.

    The new Scrobbler (the modified one for Lion at least) causes iTunes to crash often. I've notified, and hopefully they will get it working right soon. Apart from that, Lion is great.

  • At work we have upgraded

    we upgraded to lion at work, imo i think some of the minor details about the OS kinda ugly, like that leathery-skin for mail and address book, horrible.

    and then we got kinda fucked cause we have to use a VPN client to run a server for another company that we do minor business for and we haven't found one that actually works, so we had to downgrade again

  • thinking about it, but probably wont.

  • Upgraded a while ago all is working well. Except for that is... iTunes crashes when I switch it on. I would recommend waiting for a fix.

  • upgradet and no probs.

    • sweetx3 disse...
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    • Fev 16 2012, 7h42
    I dont think its too bad

  • running great for a couple of weeks now...

    • xazoot disse...
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    • Ago 17 2012, 14h15
    Mountain Lion is here and its good :) my late 2010 MBP's battery is better

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    • Out 15 2012, 4h54
    I have Mountain Lion and it works great. Can't say I have had any problems since I first started my OS X life with Tiger.

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