MTV Sucks Cock

  • They turn his peers into pedophiles? How does one turn one into a pedophile?

    It's shit, man. WTF?
    • Kupuntu disse...
    • Usuário
    • Dez 2 2007, 8h15


    And, Aerosmith released their album Unplugged in 1990. It was recorded in MTV IIRC. Nowadays, that wouldn't happen. And this, if something, is bad. Once good, always good is not true in MTV.

  • MTV should be thrown off the air. The shows are all filled with complete idiotic bullshit. As well as their awards shows. You can literally see the decline of education and the evaporating IQ's throughout the years.

  • its cause mtv completely rewards mindlessness. those goddamn laguna beach type shows, fucking stupid. i cant believe people enjoy that crap. "ohh lets sit around and watch other people live" FUCK YOU GET OFF YOUR GODDAMN ASS AND FUCKING DO SOMETHING!!!!! I FUCKING HATE WATCHING PEOPLE PREFER TO WATCH OTHER PEOPLE DO THE SAME SHIT THEY DO ON A DAILY BASIS. fuckin a man, i swear to god, the first big clue that you cant date someone is if they fucking say anything about enjoying laguna beach. that is a big clue that THERE AINT NUTHIN UP THERE MAN!!!!!! FUCK ALL THOSE GODDAMN CUNTS AND THEIR FUCKING STUPID ASS TELEVISION SHOWS, GODDAMN JUST THE THOUGHT OF IT PISSES ME OFF!!!! IM GONNA GO BREAK SOMETHING!!!!!

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