Fav Bands Of Long Island

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    • Mar 4 2006, 23h20

    Fav Bands Of Long Island

    Just post your fav bands from right here on long island.....mine would be probably edison glass and...patent pending

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    • Mar 5 2006, 3h49


    on the might of princes, crime in stereo, the backup plan, heads vs breakers, skycamefalling, high school football heroes

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  • On The Might Of Princes, Skycamefalling, Alove For Enemies, Vision of Disorder, Latterman... so many good bands to choose from, haha.

  • The Arrogant Sons of Bitches/Bomb The Music Industry!/Jay Tea
    Edna's Goldfish
    The Fad
    32 Degrees In Hell
    High School Football Heroes

  • the backup plan, kill your idols, crime in stereo, gabriel and calima

  • Kill Your Idols,Headxtrauma,M.A.D.,Sick Of Talk,Celebrity Murders

  • patent pending, brand new, 01014, the movielife, bayside, crime in stereo...

    [please pose my skeletal remains, give them a working pen, and i will live forever]
  • encrypt manuscript
    on the might of princes

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    • Mai 24 2006, 20h25
    Last Week fosho, but RIP<33
    And Patent Pending

  • Patent Pending , Highschool Football Heroes, ASOB, 3 day weekend..back when they were still around.

  • the movielife, glassjaw,brand new, straylight run, nightmare of you, head automatica, avalanche...... i went to high school with latterman and i love those guys so of course i will name drop ;)

  • taking back sunday
    brand new
    lux courageous
    head automatica

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    • Jul 3 2006, 6h05
    brand new
    brand new
    brand new

    in my opinion, the best band ever out of long island.

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    • Ago 12 2006, 16h56
  • hmm

    the sleeping
    This is hell
    the world we knew
    edison glass

  • on the might of princes, brand new, dr. acula, the sleeping, glassjaw, kevin devine.

  • head automatica
    nine days

  • head automatica
    nine days

  • brand new, the infidels, headxtrauma, warfear, tbs, the skum, violent affair, last call brawl, straylight run, the deviantz, the frantix, three piece suit, civil disorder, visions of horror deathcrue ss.

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    • Ago 24 2006, 14h21
    im a little close-minded in this situation.

  • pinky211k said:
    i went to high school with latterman and i love those guys so of course i will name drop ;)

    my band played a show with them back in june in the Lehigh Valley, PA! they were all such great dudes! Slingshot Dakota played, too, and they're also originally from Long Island. Pat from Latterman used to be in that, but now he's in Latterman and a dude from the LV is in Slingshot. Matt told a story about how he used to date Carly from Slingshot. so many connections!!

    moral: Latterman and Slingshot Dakota both rule super hard and are all great people to be around and play shows with!!!

  • This Is Hell.
    The Backup Plan.
    Silent Majority.

  • Not around anymore: Glassjaw, The Movielife, Silent Majority, On The Might
    Around: Crime In Stereo, Gracer, The Agent

  • I can't believe noone gave props to the best band from long island:


    best long island band period.

  • Neglect, Tension, On The Might of Princes, Inside, Silent Majority, Crime In Stereo, Latterman, The Heist, Milhouse, Nakatomi Plaza, PUBLIC FUCKING ENEMY

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