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Líder: nogod667
Política de associação: Aberta
Criado em: 30 Jan 2006
Mattias Friberg (vocals, guitar)
Mathias Olden (bass)
Jens Hellgren (guitar)
Kristofer Ronstrom (drums)


Logh released their first album in January 2002. Three years, five European tours and 200+ shows later, they felt a strong urge to try something different for album No. 3.

So the band rehearsed for 6 months straight. Then, on September 26th 2004, they entered Studio Gröndahl in Stockholm, Sweden together with Pelle Gunnerfeldt (producer of The Hives, Sahara Hotnights etc) and in about ten hours (including a short lunch break) they recorded “A Sunset Panorama”! The entire event was filmed with five cameras and the music was mixed in both stereo and 5.1 surround. The full multimedia experience, which is presented on a DVD that comes with the CD, gives the viewer/listener the impression of actually being with the band in the middle of the recording room.

Logh was formed in 1998. It took the members a good three years to assemble the different characteristics that would make up the band’s distinct sound. A sound which was, and still is today, based on minimalism and the idea of every note’s importance. Not a stroke too much. Or too little.

The first release to display this, the debut album “Every Time a Bell Rings, An Angel Gets His Wings” (Bad Taste Records, 2002), was awarded raving reviews throughout the world and laid the foundation for a wide-spread fan base, which made it possible for the band to tour Europe three times before starting to work on the second release.

Showing no signs of slowing down, the release of “The Raging Sun” (Bad Taste Records, 2003), took their music to a whole other level, presenting new ways into their universe, this time a seemingly dark one. The light was still there, but sparse and distributed over large volumes of dark, empty space. The darkness became so powerful that when it was time to move on, radical measures had to be taken to avoid being caught forever.

The memories of how the work on the third album began are fading fast and all physical evidence has been erased, but something made the band crawl up from their black hole and look towards the light. “A Sunset Panorama” is filled with withering memories. Memories of beautiful things. And memories of something going terribly wrong.
But these memories all seem to stem from a past that is unable to touch the present. This knowledge leaves the newly awoken invulnerable, as if carrying a get-out-of-jail free card, now ready to turn towards the light without fear of the dark catching up.


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