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Join free if you also luv her unbelievable voice^^ ;D

Lee Aaron (born as Karen Lynn Greening on July 21, 1962 in Belleville, Ontario)
is a Canadian rock and jazz singer known as "The Queen of Metal in Canada".
She had several hits with titles such as "Metal Queen",
"Whatcha Do to my Body", and "Sex with Love".
Aaron is now entirely devoted to jazz singing.

After starting her career in glam metal music, she created a rock group named after her in Brampton, Ontario.
Aaron was with that band when she released her first long play in 1982.
John Albani, a guitar player in her band, helped her write the vast majority of the songs.
"Buzz" Shearman , Bill Wade, Terry Juric, and Earl Johnson all former members of the Canadian rock band Moxy
would all appear on her debut album called The Lee Aaron Project released in 1982.
She then began touring in Europe - in England and Germany - by late 1983 she was ready for the studio
and her second album called Metal Queen was released in 1984
and would make her one of canada's best know solo musicians.

By 1990, she was one of the more well known Canadian singers in the world
with the help of her Bodyrock album which sold more than 200 000 copies.

In 1996, Aaron joined with three former members of the band Sons of Freedom in the one-off band 2preciious.

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