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  • tag:marvlKnight006

    Band: well i enjoy led zeppelin

  • Gtag: LadyJadeD

    Band: omg, just too many to pick,, Madonna, Bon Jovi, Keith Urban, Combichrist....just got too many to list

  • Gamertag: Senthura
    Artists: Lady Gaga and Darude

  • Gamertag - SurrealSeven
    Artists - Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead, Porcupine Tree

    • xPyros disse...
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    • Set 8 2010, 16h08
    GT: HeroOfTheFall (no numbers)
    Fav Bands: (If you care) Rammstein and the Bloodhound Gang

  • Gamertag:MrPimp911

    Artist:Bow Wow and Soulja Boy

    ☆★☆︻デ═一QS 4 LIFE︻デ═一★☆★
    • RiceMaru disse...
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    • Set 9 2010, 4h02
    gamertag: Rice md

    Artist (of the moment): New Pornographers. Or Castle Crashers. Or maybe Bird and the Bee...

  • N3on snip3r :) good times!

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Set 9 2010, 22h50

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    • xPyros disse...
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    • Set 10 2010, 21h56
    people should probably post their favorite games too. no sense adding someone who doesn't have any of the games you do.

    • dubbills disse...
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    • Set 11 2010, 1h36


    favorite game:all call of duties

    • dubbills disse...
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    • Set 11 2010, 6h21


    favorite artists: biggie, 2pac, jay-z, lil wayne, styles P, jadakiss, mos def, wiz khalifa, common, big L, wu-tang, rakim, B.O.B, T.I. etc...alright , i love hip hop period.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Set 13 2010, 17h49
    GT: Ciscobot
    music: A LOT!

    btw: i want on Zune and PSN too xD

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Set 13 2010, 17h49
    double post = fail

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Set 13 2010, 21h44
    GT: bitt3rsweet
    music: emo screamo hip hop pop techno
    favorite band: Senses Fail
    games: Modern Warfare 2, maybe getting Halo Reach

    • Swoonn disse...
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    • Set 17 2010, 18h53
    xGet amazed007x

    Smashing pumpkins.Lcd soundsystem,Daft punk,Jimi hendrix and alot more

    Mw2 and Rock band2

    • Doxzur disse...
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    • Set 18 2010, 11h14
    Gamertag: ConnorAR95

    Favourite Band: Linkin Park

    • ucs1990 disse...
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    • Set 18 2010, 15h27
    Gamertag - linziloulou

    Like a bit of Papa roach, Johnny Panic, A, and various other charming music

  • Gametag:FallenAssKicker

    I like a bunch of bands like Foo Fighters, Rage Against The Machine, and a whole bunch of stuff

    • Varnage disse...
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    • Set 21 2010, 4h59
    Gamertag: Grand Varnage

    Bands: Rammstein, Bob Marley
    Video/Game SoundTracks: Red Dead Redemption, Halo series
    Xbox Games: GTA IV, Red Dead, Halo Reach, etc

  • serioussam77

    Gamertag: TheFear77

    favorite band : Killswitch engage

  • Gamertag: woodslobster

    Impossible to choose; just check out my profile's bands that i have in my library.
    Some of hem are The Beatles, Tenacious D, Strawberry Alarm Clocks, The Doors, Styx, County Joe and the Fish, and a LOT more that would pretty much take too long to type.

    • Lyle420 disse...
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    • Set 26 2010, 15h07
    Gamertag: Lyle420
    Band: Sublime.

    Cheers to those who wish us well. Those who dont can go to hell.
  • Gamertag: MAVERICK6608

    I'm usually playing Halo: Reach, so if you want to play a game, look me up, Iike meeting new people.

    Favorite band/ Artists: The Starting Line, The Summer Set, John Mayer

    MAVERICK(the one and only)
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