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  • Having connection problems?

    We need your help! We're getting reports from a small number of users who are consistently seeing "Can't Contact" when launching or starting a radio station.

    If this is you, read on. If you are seeing a different error OR only see this error occasionally, please start separate post with your issue.

    For those of you that are effectively blocked please post your answers to these questions. If you'd rather not publicly share your answers you can PM them to me directly.

    1/ What is your username (if you are willing to share it)?

    2/ Do you see the error when the app first launches?

    ** If you click ok on the error, what channels do you see and what content is in the channels?

    ** If you go to the tag channel, do you see artist names listed on the first tag station?

    3/ What happens when you start a tag radio station?

    4/ What is the date and time when you are seeing the failure?

    5/ Has on Xbox 360 ever worked without this error? If so, when?

    6/ Is the error message persistent or does it come and go?

    7/ Did you try clearing the system cache (System Settings, Memory, Select Hard Drive, Press Y, Clear System Cache)?

    ** Did that appear to resolve your issue permanently OR temporarily?

    8/ Does on the PC work for music streaming?

    9/ In what city & country are you located?

    10/ What is your internet download speed?

    11/ Who is your internet service provider?

    Thanks for your help.

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