• pweester disse...
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    • Mai 4 2010, 16h11

    Events & iCal ?

    Hello, when selecting an event that I will attend. The website offers the opportunity to 'export event' to iCal. I have done this and duly accepted to 'subscribe' to the lastfm calendar as prompted. I now have a lastfm calendar which appears in my ical and as expected the event appears in my iCal. So far so good.

    The problem is with subsequent events. When I select a second event which i will attend, I use the 'update calendar' button but nothing appears in my iCal. I have obviously used the 'refresh' function in iCal itself but the calendar will still not update with the new events.

    Do I need to again use the 'export event' function ? The problem is that this simply creates yet another calendar in iCal. So for every event that I export I get a seperate calendar...mmh.

    Am I doing something wrong? If so, how may I get the lastfm calendar to update in iCal when I add events which I plan to attend.

    Thxs for your help,

  • It depends on how you added the events -- if you just downloaded the file and imported it into iCal, then the events wont update automatically. However, if you browse to your events calendar in the iPhone browser (tap the "switch to the regular site" link) and tap the iCal/Outlook link it will add the events as a new calendar subscription that automatically updates on your phone.

    • pweester disse...
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    • Mai 6 2010, 14h23

    Thxs but what about iCal sync?

    Hi, thxs for your answer, I have done as you suggested and I am happy to report that my iPhone calendar has updated with all the events.
    However, I have synced my iPhone when I got home and I'm sad to report that the lastfm calendar does not even appear in iCal, let alone display any events.
    Can you help (again) plz?

  • You can add the same URL as a subscription in iCal and it will automatically update on your Mac as well. Just make sure to un-check the iCal version of the calendar from your iTunes sync settings so you don't end up with 2 duplicate calendars on your phone.

    • pweester disse...
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    • Mai 10 2010, 18h36

    Which URL?

    Hi, thxs for your reply. I tried adding the URL i could find under 'accounts' in my iphone settings (ws.audioscrobbbler.com/etc...) but I get a 'bad url' error mesg when I try to add this to iCal. Which url are you referring to ?

    • c99koder disse...
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    • Mai 10 2010, 20h02
    Right-click on the iCal / Outlook link on your events page and pick "Copy URL" and then paste it into iCal under Calendar > Subscribe...

  • Thanks Staff

    My boyfriend was getting this issue on here phone and I was the person designated to fixing it. I didn't realize that importing it into iCal made that much of a difference. You're a major headache saver.

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