• openURL controls

    With all the Apple's restrictions, would it be possible to add a way to control Last.fm app with openURL calls? Like lastfm://ban, lastfm://love and lastfm://skip.

    From there, there would be only a little step to control Last.fm with e.g. Apple Remote and Universal Dock or via SSH.

    I imagine a small app watching /dev/tty.iap (the serial port in dock connector) and calling proper URLs: volume controls already work, Play/Pause for playing last station/stopping current one, Previous for adding to loved tracks, Next for skipping et voilà - you have a full-blown standalone Last.fm radio player. This is definitely doable, the only thing missing is a way to control the Last.fm app.

    Also, ability to change station with openURL (e.g. from Safari for those using Backgrounder) while playing would be nice.


  • We currently support starting new radio stations by launching a lastfm:// stream URL from Safari (or other applications), however controlling the radio player via lastfm:// URLs probably wouldn't work as the SDK assumes the app is being launched when the URL comes in -- not already running.

    However, if you're going the jailbreak route anyway, it is possible to use MobileSubstrate to hook into the Last.fm app and control the radio. The methods to call to love / ban / skip the current track should be fairly obvious if you classdump the Last.fm binary.

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