Only the last ipod session scrobbled

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    • Out 5 2008, 4h00

    Only the last ipod session scrobbled

    Today I listened to my ipod a couple of times, shutting it off between each session. When I plugged my ipod in, it only took the very last session. Does anyone know why?

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    • Out 6 2008, 15h16
    Whenever I've used scrobbling software, this was always a problem for me too. Mostly I don't get my songs scrobbled from my iPod at ALL -- but when I do, it's often just the last session.

    This is why there NEEDS to be direct, real-time scrobbling enabled from the iPod itself (without jailbreaking). It's Apple that's preventing this from happening, so we should let them know we want this to be possible for apps such as's. If enough people offer feedback, Apple will have to listen to us!

    • Likita73 disse...
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    • Out 6 2008, 18h45


    I'm all too new on this, so I decided to try the Ipod scrobbling software and ended up losing all my music to Now I don't know how to scrobble??? this back to my ipod nor to my itunes library from before. HEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLPPPPP!!!

  • Same problem.

    I have a huge problem with losing playcounts after extended breaks. For example, I listen to music on my way to work at 6 AM and listen again on my way home usually 6 or 7 PM. When I sync though, I've lost all of my morning stuff... what's that about!?

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    • btrswt disse...
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    • Dez 6 2008, 0h05

    Not solved?

    Has this still not been solved? Because I have the same problem too...

    • dr_draco disse...
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    • Dez 7 2008, 20h00
    I've been having issues with this myself. I plugged it in today, and found no scrobbles...

    Hope this gets fixed...

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