iPod app in other countries?

    • esk8666 disse...
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    • Set 24 2008, 6h26

    australia australia australia

    another vote for Australia :)

    • robjuh disse...
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    • Set 24 2008, 21h37
    Holland please? ;)

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Set 24 2008, 21h44

    Re:Pls bring Last.fm to Austria!

    agree! shouldn't be too difficult to release the application in the austrian itunes app store... would be a really fine thing if you can manage this task :) in combination with the app scrobble! a good combo to always get up2date profiles ;)

    5 stars for last.fm in AUSTRIA :)

    ursuper sagte:
    Why is it available in Germany and not in Austria? Translation will probably not really be an issue...

    • Fockx disse...
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    • Out 1 2008, 13h09
    * Vote for .nl!

    • symonsjl disse...
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    • Out 1 2008, 14h34

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  • Any news on New Zealand getting this?

    • themull disse...
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    • Out 4 2008, 16h37

    Keep up the good work!

    Hi there, Last.fm devs You guys keep up the good work, really awsome!

    and yes, when to expect App for The Netherlands!

    • n3Mo1 disse...
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    • Out 5 2008, 20h41

    Re:ways around...

    emir0815 sa:
    hi guys,

    how does the iTunes sore identify in what country i am? does it track based on IP address or ...?

    It's done through the settings for your iTunes account. So a way to get around this is to create a US account. However that of course affects you in other ways, when you want to do something else such as purchasing a local application...

    • n3Mo1 disse...
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    • Out 5 2008, 20h56

    Last.fm iPhone app

    Another vote for Sweden (In case you guys are using this thread to track the interest). Great work with everything by the way!

    • fabpicca disse...
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    • Out 5 2008, 22h56

    • kelesti disse...
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    • Out 7 2008, 10h35
    Please make it availible in Finland too!

  • licensing...

    ...always the same sht. And I think, this is a very diffcult thing to do with the dmn SUISA here in Switzerland... make an US account...

    • fatlox disse...
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    • Out 8 2008, 13h07
    Sad italian user...

    Join: Italian Streamable Group
  • i t a l y

    I T A L Y

    I ' T ' A ' L ' Y ! !

  • I still don't understand why can't all the users here have a US account ? I have one and I'm in Europe. What can be the disadvantage ?

    You have only advantages. No ?

    • marcengo disse...
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    • Out 9 2008, 15h06

    A Solution

    Hi guys, i`ve just found a solution for all of us who are not blessed with the app on our stores.

    You just have to upgrade the mobilestation, than with your mobilestation changed you will be able to download apps from www.appulo.us and install it on your iTouch/iPhone thru iTunes!

    For brazilians, a great how-to http://www.itouchbr.com.br/2008/09/20/apps-crackeados-para-quem-nao-tem-wifi/ and for non-brazilians, you can try to google translate it!

    music was my first love and will be my last
    • whkee disse...
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    • Out 11 2008, 10h09

  • We need a greek one too! Why not release it worldwide, with menus in english language? Who needs translations? :)

  • just wanted to say that you guys are doing a great job! all that licensing cant be easy... cant wait to finally get it!

  • Someone pls explain. Why don't you wanna take the app from the US store ???

  • irish vote

    A vote to have it in ireland please! especially as it is in the UK


  • Portugal!!! Please!!!

    F.E.A.R. - Forgive Everyone And Remember
    • ShaneU disse...
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    • Out 20 2008, 23h25

    Re: irish vote

    strandedgirl said:
    A vote to have it in ireland please! especially as it is in the UK


    what she said.

    • M3lange disse...
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    • Out 21 2008, 15h47
    Japan too!

    • s1rmitch disse...
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    • Out 23 2008, 6h28


    "We're working hard to bring this to the whole world.
    Currently available in:......" the best joke I've ever heard...some month later still not available in Switzerland or other countries...

    maybe some news?

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