iPod app in other countries?

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    • Jan 22 2011, 1h30
    I must say I find it very disappointing that the paying users get less support than the free users in USA/UK/Germany.
    I fail to see how licensing can be the problem because that should be handled by the user account system, seperated from how the stream is being played.

    Guess I have to build the iphone app from source, stupidness :/

  • html5

    Either release an app in Canada or code your radio in html5 so it can be used on phones/tablets.

    You guys are falling way behind and I just had to finally cancel my subscription. I'll use tunein radio from now on.

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    • Jan 27 2011, 15h06
    I use the last fm iphone app all over europe no problem , just create an itunes account in the USA and download the app from there as its free you dont need a credit card ..use this link to help create an address for itnes store http://www.fakenamegenerator.com/gen-random-us-us.php

    • Bershak disse...
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    • Fev 1 2011, 0h41


    If you have a jail break on your Iphone - download cracked application
    my works

    • SYL2Oh disse...
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    • Fev 8 2011, 22h23
    +1 in France :(


  • Cracked application works if your phone is jailbroken.
    But it's a shame you have to do it that way.

  • im using jamendo :(
    bring it to India...
    worst thing is that even Snaptu has a Last.fm app that is available worldwide, but not the apple app store

    • reggler disse...
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    • Jul 10 2011, 20h53
    schlagschnitzel said:
    Hi, we are working on making the app available in other countries, but so far it's limited to the UK, US, Germany, France, Spain and Canada.
    Canada??? That's where I'm from but I can't find no last.fm app in the store :( why is that?

    :::chEErs roN:::
    keep on rockin'!
    • depiman disse...
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    • Jul 12 2011, 18h27
    Terrible that last.fm isn't listening to their customers. Get this app in all your customers countries!
    Starting The Netherlands! ;-)

  • How about an update?

    Is last.fm not bothering with their user community? Well - I'm currently paying customer from Switzerland - and would really like to use it on my iPhone.

    Oh well - I guess it will be: Subscription canceled.

  • my country is come back iphone, it's use many people
    thiet ke noi that

    • graefeka disse...
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    • Jul 28 2011, 19h14

    Next Vote for Switzerland

    Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase!!! Can't wait any longer :-(

    • iGrisha disse...
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    • Ago 28 2011, 10h56
    Почему нет Last.Fm на iPhone в России?!

    • baff0s disse...
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    • Set 1 2011, 15h54


    we need it absolutely in Italy. Please, it is so difficult? (Fucking SIAE)

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Set 2 2011, 0h07
    I live in Ireland and got around the issue by opening an account with the British iTunes store using an address and credit card of a friend who lives in the UK. Simple!

  • Re:No Brasil

    mendigodase disse:
    Aqui no Brasil é simples, quando for criar a conta da Apple Store é só colocar que o país é Estados Unidos... Dai não tem bloqueios, eu até tenho aqui no meu Ipod Touch!!

    Bejos, me liga!

    Sim, dá pra instalar, mas não toca. Diz que o streaming não é suportado pra este país. Consegui burlar isso mudando o DNS do Wi-fi, mas acho que não dá pra mudar o DNS do 3G. :(

  • I'd really like the app to be available for Malta, and then available also in Australia for when I move back. I'm surprised Australia's not on the list, actually, since it's a "major" country.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Set 4 2011, 21h37
    Major country? What, like France, Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Russia, China, India, Indonesia??? They're also "major countries" with plenty of wealth. Has nothing to do with how much reputation and power a counrty holds; is a simple matter of licencing laws

  • Grooveshark and Rdio

    This past year I converted to Grooveshark on the desktop, and now I'm trying Rdio's mobile subscription for iPad and iPhone. *Happily* paying $10 / month.

    Last.fm, you dropped the ball.

  • R.I.P. last.fm

    I think it's a sick fucking joke that it has now been A FULL FOUR YEARS since you originally launched the iphone app with limited availability to a few countries and you STILL CLAIM to be working diligently to negotiate licenses for making it available in other countries. You guys are either lying or incompetent and you ought to tell your customers the truth about where you are with this app. It seems clear to me that the CBS acquisition was made by some confused executive, who has probably left CBS a long time ago and now you're just floating around aimlessly without the strategic clarity of vision to actually negotiate licensing terms to make your remaining users from countries outside US/UK/Germany happy.

    No wonder your founders left you shortly after selling out.

    R.I.P. Last.fm

  • LastFM available in UK and Spain but not PORTUGAL? I'm never gonna become a subscriber until last.fm shows other countries some support, big fan of the website, but I'm never gonna support you guys until I see my country on the list.


    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Set 20 2011, 17h39
    mgiovanos pisze:
    Cracked application works if your phone is jailbroken.
    But it's a shame you have to do it that way.

    I see no shame in downloading free app, even if it's cracked. Worse if it was paid...

  • How hard can it be?

    I've been waiting for a last.fm iPhone app in Canada forever. I'll give you one or two more months before I cancel my subscription. How can you be so slow, you are losing a lot of customers by lagging behind the competition like this!

    • strky disse...
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    • Set 29 2011, 12h51

    Last.fm App in Czech Republic

    Any plans to bring the last.fm app to Czech Republic? Seriously guys, this is taking WAY too long!

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Out 6 2011, 22h22

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