iPhone 3GS won't scrobble songs

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    • Mar 11 2012, 19h24

    iPhone 3GS won't scrobble songs

    I listened to about 70 songs earlier when I was out and about on my iPhone 3GS. When I connected it to my iTunes and synced it (I have to manually press sync) it didn't scrobble ANY of the songs and it's really annoyed me. It scrobbles songs just fine when I play songs in my iTunes so I don't understand why it won't scrobble whenever I listen to songs on my iPhone.

    It only sometimes scrobbles if I listen to songs from my iPhone whilst plugged in and then synced but never unplugged.

    Anyone got any solutions on what I can do? I've been trying to solve it for about an hour now and downloading the last.fm app didn't help at all.

  • Re: iPhone 3GS won't scrobble songs

    It seems there is no last.fm support in this group.

    I think you could activate "scrobbling" in iphone settings (gears icon), there is a section for the last.fm application down in the application specific settings.

    I hope this helps you.

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