• StSpirit disse...
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    • Fev 14 2012, 4h45

    Ipod scrobbling

    Hi last fm users. I want to start scrobbling the tracks I play on my ipod. I read the 'iPod Scrobbling: How-to and Troubleshooting'

    I still havn't got it to work yet. I noticed it says this:

    'To start using the Last.fm Scrobbler for scrobbling tracks played on your iPod, you need to make sure your iPod is synced with iTunes.'

    what does it mean by 'synced'?

    does it mean that my library needs to be synced with my ipod? I would rather just drop and drag my music onto my ipod.

    Any advice is welcome. Thanks for reading.

    • sid13121 disse...
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    • Fev 19 2012, 15h04
    no idea e1 i wanted to ask the same question

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