How to properly pause streaming music?

  • How to properly pause streaming music?

    Why there's not pause button?
    You can pause by unplugging the headphones 3.5mm jack but that's very tedious.

  • I'm wondering the same thing? Maybe missed something?

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    • Tecfan disse...
    • Event Moderator
    • Jun 29 2011, 10h36
    You can't pause the music. But as this was recently added on the web site, I'm sure this will be a feature on the Windows Phone as well, in the future.

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  • i don't know..

    • Izzmo disse...
    • Usuário
    • Out 18 2011, 14h58
    Regardless... it's stupid how they didn't just make the "Pause" button a "Stop" button for the time being.. annoying to have to press the artist name, wait a second or two for the app to load and then stop it that way.

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