App is tuning forever, but nothing more...

    • staiza disse...
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    • Mai 3 2012, 9h55

    App is tuning forever, but nothing more...


    I'm from Germany and using a Windows Phone. So, if i understand everything correct, I'm able to use the radio feature for free...

    But if I choose a radio "station" the app is just "Tuning" forever and isn't starting the music.
    No error message at all.
    When i started using it, it worked perhaps for 2-3 hours.
    Restarting app, rebooting the phone, changing wifi didn't help.

    I'd wanted to contact per email, but there is no email support available...

    Any suggestions?



  • Same problem...

    It doesn't work on my phone neither.
    An update or an explanation should be appropiate.

  • App is tuning forever, but nothing more...

    I also suffer same problem. There are any solution.

    • cantho60 disse...
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    • Abr 25 2013, 17h06

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  • Still no solution to this?

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