Known Issues (updated 6 Dec 2011)

  • Known Issues (updated 6 Dec 2011)

    This is a running list of issues / bugs in the for Spotify app that the team are aware of. Please don't repost any of the bugs listed here, and please do also try to keep things in one thread about any specific issue you may have - thanks!

    Please do also have a look at our FAQ section where many other things that are often asked about are answered. And don't forget to check the System Status page first if you are experiencing sudden changes in the reliability of the provided services.

    Please make sure you are using the latest version of both the Spotify client and the app. You can update by restarting Spotify, or downloading the client from Spotify's website.

    Current Issues

    No recommended albums
    • There are two issues that could be causing you to see no recommendations:

      1. If you are not in the country that your Spotify registration is in we are returning the incorrect data set. This is because we relied on Geo IP. We've made a fix to instead pass in your Spotify country so that it will always be accurate and return the correct data set. This fix is with Spotify and will be rolled out shortly.

      2. If you are in a "non-core" Spotify market e.g. Germany or Italy, we haven't correctly incorporated the full Spotify permissions into our back-end systems. So certain regions are missing, which is why you aren't seeing recommendations. Work is ongoing to incorporate these and when that work is completed the app will begin working as expected.Related thread

    I'm logged out when the app is idle or when I restart Spotify
    • If you leave the app idle, or visit another part of the Spotify client or different app, you might be logged out of We're hoping to fix this fairly soon with a new app update next week.Related thread

    Error 102: We couldn't reach Last.Fm.
    • If you are seeing this error make sure you have given the Spotify client full access in any firewall or security software you are using. If you are at work, make sure that your network traffic is unrestricted. Related thread

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  • Error 4
    • Error 4 is an authentication error - this means we can't connect to your account. Please double-check that your username and password are up to date (, and then try logging out of the app, and logging in again.

    Error 4: Recent Tracks won't load - everything else works fine
    • Currently if you have your Recent Tracks display in set to private, our Spotify app will be unable to load your recent tracks. If you see this error, please go to your privacy controls and under the heading Real-time data uncheck the 'Hide real-time listening information' box. Refresh / restart Spotify and your tracks should appear again.

    If you still get this issue, then it may be related to a different issue instead. However, please try this step first so we can rule it out.

  • "Add as Playlist" buttons not working anymore

    Due to a change in the Spotify app framework since March 2014 many apps may not work properly or not at all anymore. In for Spotify all "Add as Playlist" buttons are affected (for recent, loved and similar tracks as well as recommended and most played albums), i.e. you cannot use them anymore to directly save the generated playlist in their desktop software.

    But you can still start the generated playlist by clicking on its image, so all tracks will be listed in the Play Queue of the desktop software, see the sidebar on the left. When you highlight the first track there, you can highlight all shown tracks afterwards (with Ctrl+A or "Select All" in the Edit menu) and right-click to save them to an existing or new playlist. Saving recommended albums is also possible by right-clicking them and choose the target in the context menu or with drag & drop onto "New Playlist" or an existing playlist in the sidebar, e.g. " Recommended".

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