phplastfmapi and Autocorrect not working

  • phplastfmapi and Autocorrect not working

    How can I get the autocorrect param to work correctly? I am using the phplastfmapi Library. I modified one of the examples and just changed around a couple of characters to test the autocorrect and it is not working. This is in the track.getsimilar directory:

    $methodVars = array(
    'artist' => 'Adel',
    'track' => 'rollin in the deep',
    'autocorrect' => true
    The artist name and the track name need to be spelled exactly correctly to yield results. I am getting my input from an unreliable source so I need to account for autocorrect. If lastFM API doesn't take care of this, any suggestions on using another music library to correct the incorrect output? Thanks!

    Only when I type the artist and track name correctly does it not return to me: "Error 90 - This track has no similar tracks"

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Abr 19 2012, 5h48
    according to the documentation, autocorrect accepts values of 0 or 1. and i'd put the values in quotes as well.

    • tburny disse...
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    • Abr 22 2012, 22h10
    The autocorrection feature is for most common naming mistakes, like with Guns 'N Roses (correct: Guns N' Roses) not for typos :)
    Because there might be a different artist/track with exactly this name :) On the website it will show you a "Did you mean Guns N' Roses" text on a yellow background above the artist page content. Combine your favourite radio stations! | My Blog | scala-lastfmapi | Cache2k - A high performance Java in-memory cache
    P.S.: Do not click here
    throw new PokemonException(); //Gotta catch 'em all
    My forum post reflects my personal opinion :)
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