artist.getinfo error

    • ezdmanx disse...
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    • Mar 2 2012, 13h40

    artist.getinfo error

  • It has lots of VT (0x0B) chars in it that ought to have been filtered out at the wiki edit stage.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Mar 6 2012, 18h21
    i edited the wiki and it works now.

  • Really???

    Editado por Babs_05 em Mar 9 2012, 18h52
    • dunk disse...
    • Alumni
    • Mar 29 2012, 22h14
    This is the endless issue of garbage in is garbage out. Some characters that are valid UTF-8 are invalid XML, but we don't post-process and of the user-submitted input (and that includes even artist names), so in cases where there's some invalid characters your parser (even if it's just in the browser) will choke. We also re-process our own XML to turn it into JSON (for historical reasons), and our own parser chokes on these and ends up returning nothing. I know, horrible. Perhaps one day we'll fix it by just suppling JSON as the primary output...

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