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The goal of this group is to put together a list of the best songs of all times according to the users of Last.FM.


The Top 202 of All Times - 2008 Edition!!!

Various radio stations in lots of countries (especially in The United States and Western Europe) have their listeners compile a best of list of their favourite songs each year. These lists are usually broadcasted during the December holidays.

Although very fun to read for people who are interested in music charts, like me and probably lots of other Last.FM users, these lists only represent one country and usually only the part of that country that actually listens to the specific station and are already partial to loving the specific genre of music that fits within the station’s format.

This group attempts to make it’s best of list universal since Last.FM users come from all over the globe and it also does not have any genre limitations. Everything goes!

In 2007 the first list was compiled. You can find the results here: Top 202 of All Times - Edition 2007

Now it’s time for the 2008 list. To participate, everyone can compile a list of at least 10 songs with a maximum of 100 songs and either post that list in the group’s forum or send it to or both of course. When mailing your list, make sure you put your username in the subject. Your email address will not be used for other purposes.

The only restriction for participation is that you have to be a member of this group.

Your list does not necessarily have to reflect your most played songs according to your profile.

The #1 song of a list will receive 100 points, every song after that will receive a number of points based on it’s relative spot on your list and the total number of songs in your list.

Every song submitted will then have received a total number of points and based on this ranking the final list will be compiled. The Top 202 (’02 was the year when Last.FM was found) will be publicised on 31 December 2008. The deadline for submitting your personal list is scheduled at the 26th of December.

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