Creating own Graphs

    • Sagehorn disse...
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    • Dez 8 2009, 15h02

    Creating own Graphs

    Telling u that the Exta Stats rule is boring, so i'd like to propose an idea of mine.
    What about creating some kind of indices?

    You wanna know how aggressive you have been over the year, so u put all the aggressive genres into an index [is this the right word in statistics? ;)] and create a graph out of this. there are certainly more possibilities ;)

    as always: sorry for my broken english ;)

    • C26000 disse...
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    • Dez 18 2009, 16h56
    mmm well I think that I get what you want to do, you can do it currently selecting the following options

    Wave Graph

    Mode: Tags

    Settings Symetric : Unchecked

    Normalization : To Minimum Value

    and the most important -> Items: Custom and add the tags that you consider "agressive"

    I hope it helps :)

    • Sagehorn disse...
    • Usuário
    • Fev 14 2010, 14h13
    you got it ;)
    thx, man!

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