only playing track previews

  • only playing track previews

    My last tm app is only playing a fraction of the full track. Anyone had this problem. I have tried restarting and app reinstall.

  • track previews or auto skipping

    Im having the same issue with the app. The desktop radio works fine, so it's not my account, which I am a paid subscriber. I have tried several things, with nothing working.

    -Tried force close and phone restart, no effect
    -Tried logging out and then logging back in, no effect.
    -Made sure I'm not logged in anywhere else, no effect.
    -Uninstalled, then re-installed, mo effect.
    -Removed the application from my profile, then re-authenticated it, no effect.

    Quite honestly, short cancelling my account, I don't know what to do.

  • Have a similar issue....

    In my case I have noticed that some of the albums I listen to only contain sample tracks. I have previously posted on here and several other forums about this issue but I guess the staff at didn't think it is that important. One thing is for sure though..I will remember the issue when it comes to subscription renewal time

  • I'm having the same problem

    I did not have any problems with the player until today. I reported the bug, hopefully the staff will address it.

  • I've only noticed this issue since the latest update. Not sure if the tracks aren't loading correctly, or if they aren't full songs. If it's the latter option, I'm not sure the point of having streaming radio is if you can't stream full songs. What I do know is if this isn't fixed within 70 days, which is how long is left on my subscription (kind of sucks that I just renewed for 3 months), then I'll simply take my business elsewhere.

  • I have the same problem. It just started the other day for me. I cants listen to a full track on any of my stations. Its starting to be really frustrating that I payed for this and I cant even listen to a whole song.

  • From what I can tell, the app is not loading/streaming songs over wireless networks. It works just fine on WiFi. However the whole point of a mobile app is so you can listen anywhere, not just on WiFi. Basically, from what I can tell about this company since I started using their service, is that Android users don't really matter all thY much to them. Their support for this platform is horrendous, as evidenced by the fact that no staff member has bothered to respond to this thread.

    • c99koder disse...
    • Alumni
    • Mai 17 2012, 23h54
    Can you try enabling the "High Quality Audio" option in the app's settings and let me know if this improves streaming? This will cause the app to always use the WiFi streaming servers instead of our mobile streaming servers, however be aware that this option will also use twice as much bandwidth.

  • I'm having the same problem. I get about 30-45 second into a song and then it skips. Been using this app for months and this is the first time I've encountered the problem on my htc evo 3d. Only use the service to and from work, wifi isn't an option.

  • I'll check back here in a couple days, unless a resolution is found I'd like to cancel service and get a refund for my current Billing cycle. I have no problem supplying more detail if asked, my only option for streaming is through 3g service.

  • Ok. Force close the app. When you open it, before you start playing any stations, enable the "High Quality Audio" option. This seems to solve the issue. I have a good dialogue with Sam about this issue, I'll keep this post updated as I get further information. It looks to be a problem with their mobile servers though.

    • c99koder disse...
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    • Mai 18 2012, 13h00
    We've identified an issue with our mobile streaming servers, and are working to resolve it.

  • If your still having problems, I suggest going to settings, report a bug, and inform them of the problem your having. Please, be polite as the guy that responds to the emails is actually a cool guy, so there's no need to spam his inbox or curse him out. However the problem is NOT resolved fully, you may want to keep the High Quality Audio option enabled. Some songs are still only playing partially through. I'm still in contact with Sam so I'll post here later on in the day at some point most likely.

  • Fantastic! Seems to have solved the problem for the moment, thanks for the help!! I'm going to test turning off high quality periodically to test the issue and will use the report bug function (didn't know about it) to make sure it's in queue. I'll do my best to be polite, I happen work in a similar role

  • Everything seems to be functioning properly with high quality turned off, thanks again!

  • Everything seems to be functioning properly with high quality turned off, thanks again!

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