Can I scrobble songs from recommended radio?

  • Can I scrobble songs from recommended radio?

    Can I?

  • The app will scrobble tracks you listen to on any station.

  • Today, I listened to radio for several hours (how I get through work when I go in on Saturdays). I have never had problems with the songs scrobbling in the past, but I just looked at my profile and none of the radio songs are reflected. Is there any way to get this data posted to my profile, or is it lost?

    EDIT: And this was using the app for my Droid Bionic, by the way.

    EDIT AGAIN: Disregard. Completely my fault. I had a brief power outage on Thursday night and, to conserve my phone's battery, I'd turned background data off and forgot to turn it back on. Thankfully, the app is so well-designed that, once I re-enabled the data, it scrobbled everything. Not one song missing. Thanks,!

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