• 3splash downloadable!

    Jun 7 2009, 10h41 por AndrewPhoenix

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  • Top Albums ♥ [Update : 30/07/2012]

    Jul 16 2007, 20h22 por Darkifrit

    Update :30/07/2012

    darkifrit's top albums (overall) 1. 倖田來未 - Black Cherry (3119)
    2. 倖田來未 - Kingdom (3100)
    3. 倖田來未 - UNIVERSE (2917)
    4. 浜崎あゆみ - MY STORY (2854)
    5. 倖田來未 - secret (2779)
    6. 浜崎あゆみ - NEXT LEVEL (2657)
    7. 倖田來未 - BEST ~second session~ (2650)
    8. 倖田來未 - TRICK (2554)
    9. 浜崎あゆみ - GUILTY (2544)
    10. 浜崎あゆみ - (miss)understood (2123)
    11. 倖田來未 - Dejavu (1859)
    12. 浜崎あゆみ - Love songs (1790)
    13. 倖田來未 - grow into one (1781)
    14. 倖田來未 - JAPONESQUE (1532)
    15. 倖田來未 - TABOO (1477)
    16. 浜崎あゆみ - Rock'n'Roll Circus (1420)
    17. 倖田來未 - BEST ~first things~ (1388)
    18. 島谷ひとみ - BEST & COVERS (1339)
    19. 安室奈美恵 - PAST < FUTURE (1222)
    20. 浜崎あゆみ - Secret (1123)

  • Say something negative about your Top 10

    Fev 15 2008, 10h55 por TYPE-MOON

    I'll be harsh.

    01. 倖田來未
    -- Stop parting your lips so much in your photoshoots. There are other ways to look slutty. Looking at that insert picture of "FREAKY" makes me sick. Stop singing generic sugarpop songs that hurt my ears, or ballads with no emotional/strong melody. Stop fluctuating your voice in ballads just because you can. The new Orchestral version of "1000 no kotoba" on BOUNCE & LOVERS was totally ruined because of it. They didn't fit the song at all, and sounded way too unnatural. Same thing with "Futari de..." Sounding off-key on purpose is not pretty. It's a style of course, but not one I like.

    02. YUI
    -- Performing live takes practice. You're definitely improving, but your nerves still always get the better of you. :( You don't have a strong control over your voice, and it gets annoying when in lives you suddenly burst out a few words real loud. And when you leave the microphone to play your guitar, try to leave some time to GET BACK to it??? It's not fun watching you dash up a few steps up to the mic and almost miss the first note. -_-;

    We fans know you're actually not that shy and naive, so please share more of your laughter & humour with everyone on tv, thanks. You don't do it enough, and it seems like you're always moody. Sure it's nervous going on talk shows. But you've been in the music scene for quite a while now, you should get used to it.

    03. 坂本真綾
    -- The arrangements for some of your newer works are dull, even when the melody itself was great. I'm referring to "Kazemachi Jet" mostly. The piano & violin acoustic version of it was so much better than the original, and it was LIVE! Even though I do enjoy your newer works, you were still at your best with your "Shounen Alice" album. It's taking a while for you to get up there again...

    I want to see you with long hair for once. As in, longer than your usual below-the-ear/shoulder-length hair! Some people say you look manly with short hair. :(

    04. 植松伸夫
    -- Why did you stop making music for FINAL FANTASY, but moved to X-BOX 360 to make Blue Dragon? Wtf. (Unless I remembered wrong...)

    05. ZARD
    -- Rest in peace. (I will not speak ill of the dead; I don't have anything bad to say anyway. ;_;)

    06. 絢香
    -- Your attitude/arrogance on variety shows is kind of annoying in a subtle way. Yes, we all know you're a better singer than everyone else (other than MISIA), so you don't have to look so smug while other artists struggle to perform live. Your music mostly supports peace & love, so try to build that image in yourself first.

    07. アンジェラ・アキ
    -- Make some piano-rock music like Hoshimura Mai and Younha please! Your style is limited, and I wish you'd expand it more. :( Your CD-covers are getting boring now. I like the natural style, but... I think it's time for a change. What's with your hair on "TODAY", anyway? The hairdryer must hate you very much.

    08. 浜崎あゆみ
    -- Stop with all the fake crying in your PVs. It's annoying as hell. Makes me want to a) stop watching b) punch you. Your GUILTY album sucks sounds incomplete, and could've been 9234 times better. None of the new songs were worth listening to other than "untitled ~for her~", but even that was generic and boring in ways. Seeing the word "NATURAL" on your GUILTY photobook is stupid. Your whole face is fake and made of plastic.

    09. 伊藤由奈
    -- You're pretty, Yuna. Really pretty. But you show less to NO EMOTION in your photoshoots. ALL of your covers have the same expression: the little parting of the mouth with the "gaze" into the distance. The only thing different about the covers is probably the hairstyle. Unfortunately, the only covers that you DO show some kind of emotion is on "HEART", which had a terrible angle and made you look real fugly. And on "Mahaloha", your smile is so unnatural it makes my tooth ache.
    Your "LUX" photoshoots were nice, but they had the same problem. You put on your little smile and get away with it. Seriously, don't you know any other expressions?

    You should learn to SING with emotion as well. The closest you ever got to "emotional" was probably "Precious" and "A WORLD TO BELIEVE IN". You sound dead in most of your songs. Well, more like a pretty robot.

    10. 倉木麻衣
    -- Perform more on tv plz? D: Your concert DVD is way too expensive. Watching the ads for it while I was in Japan made me want to see it so bad. ;_; Your FUSE OF LOVE album was weak. Only "Love, needing" was worth listening to more than once. Your DIAMOND WAVE album wasn't so great either. The only reason I bought it was because it was on sale for NT$199, and that the cover was really pretty. It did have some good songs, but you seem to be singing more generic pop songs now. "ONE LIFE" had your old sound, which was great, so you better start doing that again. Hopefully your upcoming Double A-side single will be good, and that it won't break your record of all of your singles being in the top 10. It used to be top 3, but now it dropped to top 10. Don't make it go to down to top 20. >_>;
  • Pictures of "Kingdom"

    Fev 1 2008, 1h01 por TYPE-MOON

    I received my copy of Koda Kumi's "Kingdom" today! I just want to say that I love CDJapan! I've ordered from them 4 times now, and I've never been disappointed. They say Air Mail takes 4-12 days, but this CD arrived just 5 days later! Everything is always nicely packed in cardboard and bubble-wrap, and when I had a poster for my Maaya CD, they put everything in a huge cardboard box that delivered right to my house. Anyway, I really recommend CDJapan! <3

    CD and poster. ;D

    CD and poster rolled out. Can't wait to put it on my wall! XD

    All the inserts! The "luxurious slip-case", case-cover, 3 stickers, 20-page Arena tour photo-booklet, CD-booklet (very pretty!), and the random avex ads, obi.

    I'm too lazy to scan the booklets, haha. I hope someone will though! They would make pretty layouts and icons. :P

    Anyway, I'm going to watch the PVs and Concert later today. :D Can't wait!

    Koda Kumi | Kingdom