Man On The Moon : The End Of Day

  • Man On The Moon : The End Of Day

    So what did everyone think of the album?
    Was it what you thought it would be?
    What's your favorite track?

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  • Hmm...


  • my favorite track right now is 'Soundtrack 2 My Life'
    andd 'Up Up & Away'

  • I think the album is pretty innovative. I like all of the tracks, but right now my favs are Pursuit of Happiness and Cudi Zone.

  • I think that the CD is great, obviously not the strongest lyrics, and he used some borrowed lines but what artist doesnt nowadays. His use of auto-tune is perfect and not overused at all. But the meanings of his songs are what gets me and also his beats were great.

    Favorite tracks : Hyyerr, Solo Dolo, Sky Might Fall, and Pursuit of Happiness

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    • Set 23 2009, 16h45
    too many good songs... whole album is absolutely amazing. but i think my favorite tracks are sky might fall, pursuit of happiness, cudi zone and soundtrack to my life.

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    • Set 24 2009, 8h35
    All songs are great. Fav. tracks are Pursuit of Happiness, Cudi Zone, and Alive.

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    • Set 29 2009, 2h57
    I haven't fully listened to the album yet but the songs i heard so far give me chills, his album is amazing so far

  • One of the greatest albums from america, ever.

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    • Out 4 2009, 20h34
    Best album this year and one of my personal faves ever. .

  • Good album. My favorite track is easily Soundtrack 2 My Life. Heart of a Lion is really good too.

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    • Fev 28 2010, 20h25
    Best album ever!!!

    • mfdono disse...
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    • Mar 8 2010, 6h13
    i loved it. not my favorite of his stuff but deff got some fav tracks. you need to listen to all of his stuff to fully understand him and what he is about.
    but just like it says. all of his stuff is just the soundtrack to my life. so how could i not love it.

    We are all here to learn.

    Some come with warrior stories and wounds to unravel.

    Some come to walk the path of loving an loss and all the challenges that may come.

    Some come here to walk between the worlds in order to find balance.

    Some come here to research and understand the way humanity works, some to teach and pioneer concepts, some to begin again with a new vision, and others have come simply for a rest etc..the list goes on.

    Each persons story is unique and each persons path and what they learn while here, is of value.

    A little exercise: Take a tour of photos throughout the internet (Pinterest is great) and find a photo that reminds you.... of you, the spirit of who you are.... your story, your particular uniqueness and path.
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    • Dez 1 2010, 2h49
    Awesome album that is very nostalgic to me now. My absolute fave is "Pursuit of Happiness" followed closely by "Alive" and "Man on the Moon"

  • Great Album.

    Pursuit Of Happiness, Cudi Zone, Sky Might Fall, Soundtrack 2 My Life, Alive

    One of the greatest albums from america, ever.

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