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Kamaliya Zahoor (Ukrainian: Камалія Захур, Russian: Камалия Захур; born May 18, 1977) is a Ukrainian musical performer, actress, model and...


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KAMALIYA (real name Natalya Shmarenkova; Russian: Наталья Шмаренкова) was born in 1977 in Zabaikallye, Chita Oblast, Russia. When she turned three, her military father was deployed to Budapest, where she danced and sang in the children's ensemble called "Kolokol’chik" (the Jingle). When her family later moved to Lviv, she took classes in violin and opera, and while in school, she took part in as many concerts and shows as possible. Her efforts were noticed and she received an invitation to sing with the Ukrainian folk music group "Halytska Perlyna" (Halych Perl).

In 2003 Kamaliya wed Mohammad Zahoor, a British/Pakistani businessman. Kamaliya is also involved in charity projects in Ukraine and Pakistan.


In 1993 Kamaliya became the laureate of the Chervona Ruta (Red Rue) Festival and then won the TV-Chance-Stars contest in Moscow. In 1997 she graduated from the University of Culture and got a Degree in variety art and mass shows direction. She also recorded her first video clip "Techno style". For three years in a row Kamaliya won first prizes at the national singing festival "Pesenniy Vernisazh".

From 1999 through 2000 she wrote more than 50 songs, and worked on her album "It is love". In 2000, her song "Love you" won the first prize as the National Hit Parade's "Song of the Year".

"Boom Boom"

In 2001 she created the show-center "Kamaliya", which not only promoted her, but also organized gala concerts and shows and programs with participation Ukrainian, Russian and foreign stars.

In 2003 she became "Miss South Ukraine" and "Miss Open – Odessa". Also in 2003, she married British/Pakistan businessman Mohammad Zahoor.

In 2004 the President of Ukraine awarded Kamaliya with the title Honored Artist of Ukraine for her outstanding achievements in developing Ukrainian culture.

In 2005, Kamaliya took part in the "All Ukrainian Charity Tour" in support of children with AIDS. The President of Pakistan congratulated Kamaliya on her successful performance at the International Lahore Festival.

In 2007 she took part in the "Svit talantiv Ukrayiny" (All-Ukraine Children Festival), and undertook a charity mission to Pakistan.

In 2009 she filmed a television pilot Coffee with Kamaliya where she interviews celebrities.
Mrs. World 2008
Kamaliya has won Mrs. World international pageant

On June 30, 2008, Kamaliya won the Mrs. World pageant. The event took place in Kaliningrad, Russia. She ranked in the top five contestants, which were as follows: Mrs. Ukraine, Mrs. Belarus, Mrs. Vietnam, Mrs. Peru and Mrs. Singapore.

In 2009 she was in Vietnam to pass her tiara on to the 2009 Mrs. World, Russian Victoria Radochinskaya.Film career

In 2010 Kamaliya became known as a "movie star" after the premiere of the comedy film Muzh Moey Vdovy (Russian: Муж моей вдовы, Husband of My Widow) by Leonid Gorovets. The movie had its theatrical release on April 1, 2010 in Ukraine and Russia, and screend at the Cannes Film Market in May 2010. She is slated for a leading role in the Malaysian sci-fi film Mantera the Movie in Autumn of 2010.

She is also slated to play a leading role in the new film The Accident by Kalus Menzel, and has signed a contract in Cannes for the romantic comedy Legal Affairs by Gabriela Tscherniak, for which filming in New York was slated to begin in October 2010


Kamaliya Zahoor

Gde Ti

Ti Tam

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New Video - Камалия и Филипп Киркоров - Игра с огнем





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