In the spirit of Peel lets all find some new music

  • In the spirit of Peel lets all find some new music

    An idea I nicked off another group but in very keeping with a Peelesque spirit of musical adventure. Take a look at the person above you in this threads profile find their highest placed artist you have never heard of, go off give em a listen and then come back and tell us all what you think. Whether you like them or not its a chance to widen your tastes a little. If you need somewhere to listen to new music I use the hype machine which is pretty damn good now you can no longer listen to single tracks on Happy listening

    • bletch disse...
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    • Jul 31 2011, 16h09

    I'm in

    I was led to try out some Spiritualized — I've listened to Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space a couple of times. I'd never heard of them before. Enjoyed listening to it, but I don't think it's going to be a new favourite. Don't know why, I find it hard to describe and criticize music…

    (It seems I went with your 3 month chart — that seems like a decent way to go about things, but I'm not sure that's what you intended. Ringo Deathstarr is number one now, but Spiritualized was when I checked earlier.)

  • I'm in too

    I tried Misty's Big Adventure and Rainbow Danger Club from Bletchs' collection on Youtube and thought both were interesting but with MBA kept on asking myself does humour belong in music? Yes I know it does but still...

    Anyone brave enough to try my stuff?

  • This is the kind of music I normally discovered on the Peel show

    Since last year I've discovered and enjoyed these:

    Owl Challenger
    She Is Danger
    Jt Labo 14
    Cruel Culture
    Birds of Prey

  • I'm back in

    After looking at Stretchead's tunes I can say his own songs really deserve to be listened to by more people on here, the Derek Clive and me one is the standout tune and funny. Cinnamon Buzz are good riffing indeedwill be delving a bit deeper into them sometime soon

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