Jazz Hip-Hop Mixes on INNA DI MOOD Podcast

  • Jazz Hip-Hop Mixes on INNA DI MOOD Podcast

    Hey there
    I've created 2 mixes of Jazz Hip-Hop on my podcast, INNA DI MOOD Podcast
    Feel free to give them a try and tell me what u think about

    Nuit Noire
    Miles Davis – Générique
    Rocé – l’Un et le Multiple (feat. Jacques Coursil)
    Cinematic Orchestra – Continuum
    Oxmo Puccino – la Roulette Russe
    Woima Collective – the Cave
    IsWhat?! – Lies

    Brown and shiny facts
    Buckshot Lefonque – Black Monday (feat. Guru)
    Roy Hargrove – Free Style (feat. Common)
    Guru – Take A Look (feat. Roy Ayers)
    Steve Coleman & Metrics – Left to Right
    the Roots – Datskat
    IsWhat?! – Cold Hands

    Peace !

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  • Introducing a brand new Hip-Hop & Jazz mix...

    Brown and Shiny Facts Vol.2
    Buckshot Lefonque – Here We Go Again
    Common – Invocation
    Sharpshooters – Massacre (6th Sense remix)
    Asheru & Blue Black – Live At Home
    Jazz Liberatorz – When the Clock Tics (feat. J. Sands)
    the Sound Providers – 5 Minutes (feat. Procussions)
    Talib Kweli & Hi Tek – Just Begun (feat. Jay Electronica & Mos Def)
    Surreal & the Sound Providers – True Indeed
    Natural Resource – Negro League Baseball

    Enjoy !

  • New Jazz Hip-Hop mix on INNA DI MOOD Podcast :
    Mike L - the Word for this is Cool
    Shaolin Jazz (Miles Davis vs Killarmy) - the Brew Out (Dj 2-Tone Jones Mashup)
    LL Cool J & Dexter Gordon - Tanya (S.Mos Mashup)
    C-Mon & Kypski - Giants of Jazz
    Common - Resurrection 03 (Grooveman Spot remix)
    zero dB - On the 1&3 vs Know what im Saying (Aaron Jerome mix)
    Soho - Hot Music (Nirobi Edit)
    Tupac Shakur & Ray Bryant - the Thrill is Gone (S.Mos Mashup)

    Let me know what you think of it

    Peace !

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