• We Welcome you DiggiSteve!

    It's good to know we're in good company with those who love Jack White's music. Feel free to post why you like Jack Whites' music, or some of your favorite songs.

  • It's really hard to say why I love them so much. There's just something special about them. Right now, I'm downloading complete shows from Dime and ZOMB, and therefore my lists the common week/weeks will be very small. (last.fm doesn't recognize FLAC and SHN.files)

  • Your right, DiggiSteve, there is definitly is something special about Jack White's music.
    What did you mean by:
    I'm downloading complete shows from Dime and ZOMB
    and what are FLAC and SHN.files? If it means more Jack White content let me know how to download it as well, if you would be so kind. :)

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    • Jan 17 2007, 21h11
    Dime is http://www.dimeadozen.org . It has tons of live shows available for download. They are in FLAC format (instead of mp3). This means that they have better sound quality. I've gotten quite a few rare shows from there myself.

  • you can also download some DVD's. I would recommend getting the Glastonbury one, it has great quality and the performances are just amazing.

  • Sweet thank you so much! I tryed to register but it says it has too many people registerd and i have to wait for someone to unregister first :(( Thanks again both of you this will be so cool once I get registered.

  • Ok, I just checked it out, the Glastonbury is moved from dime to Zomb, and they also have a lot of great shows. So I would recommend you to sign up at this website


  • Sweet! Thank You! I signed up at Zomb. These sites look really orginized and professional. I wish I could have found them long ago. Thanks again.

  • yeah, they're great. You should be glad you just discovered them, now you've got a lot of things to enjoy :)

  • Yeah :) It sucks for me though because the Glastonbury DVD is in pal. I will try it out but I don't have a pal tv, I have ntsc. I wonder if I can convert it somehow?

  • I don't know if you can converte it...but It will work on your computer though. I can't burn it out either, my DVD-burner is broken :(

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