I made a mix that you guys might like...

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    • Fev 21 2008, 13h05

    I made a mix that you guys might like...

    Heh...I should have searched for an indietronica group earlier. I love the stuff.

    Anyway, I've begun a new project in which I plan to make monthly mixes consisting of ambient, IDM, indie(tronica?), etc. I've got one out now and the second one should be coming in a week or two. Here's the first:

    Brandon Invergo - Breakfast in Bed Vol 1

    Hope you like it! Enjoy!!

    01) Ricky the Steamboat - Daydreaming
    02) Robin Guthrie - Music for Labour
    03) The Future Sound of London - Elaborate Burn
    04) Kettel - American Video
    05) Brandon Invergo - Dream Sequence 1
    06) Múm - Moon Pulls
    07) Wixel - Distraction
    08) Apparat - Wooden
    09) Four Tet - And They All Look Broken Hearted
    10) Brandon Invergo - Dream Sequence 2
    11) Swod - I think He Was a Journalist
    12) Ensemble - Loose
    13) Slowblow - Why Hawaii?
    14) Slowdive - Blue Skied an' Clear
    15) Brandon Invergo - Dream Sequence 3
    16) Leaves - Favour
    17) Grizzly Bear - Colorado

    I've also set up a podcast feed for these mixes. Here's the rss feed:

  • looks cool. i'll definitely take a listen. those blend of genres are pretty similar to the sounds i'm into.

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    • Out 4 2008, 19h10
    wow, lovely mix.

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