Let the recommendations fly!

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    • Nov 22 2004, 23h34

    Let the recommendations fly!

    No music forum without a recommendation thread!
    As I am quite new to this genre, I'll wait with my own. Let's me see yours instead.

  • Germany, i forgive you for WW2 because of:

    Ulrich Schnauss!!!!

    I see you alredy got m83 and boards of canada, so that will make the top three list complete. There are many others, but beware....theres lot of crap in this genre, like any other genre. I posted something earlier with other recommendations...see if you can find it.

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    • Nov 23 2004, 20h41

    surf safe!

    Allright, I'm checking it out. Seems real nice =)
    I guess indietronica isn't such a big genre, so most people who know it have heard most of the best stuff?

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    • Nov 23 2004, 20h59


    Well, it's a small genre at its core but positively fuzzy around the edges so it can be a lot or a few bands depending on how you look at it (does Yo La Tengo count?). in any event, I like to think of myself as a somewhat musically "hip" dude and yet I was amazed at how many bands I had not heard of when asking for groups to link to in another thread. So, I still owe Manitoba and Styrofoam and such a listening, but let me give me some album picks I have heard:

    Ulrich Schnauss, "Far Away Trains Passing By" all his stuff is good, but on sad days I could listen to "Between Us & Them" on repeat...

    American Analog Set, "Know By Heart" - beautiful wistful stuff. The soundtrack to wistful autumn days

    Múm, "Finally We Are No One" - from Iceland, this group melds instrumental ensembles and electronic tweaks to make some haunting stuff. Bonus trivia: the twins who lead the group are on the cover of Belle & Sebastian's "Fold You Hands Child..." album

    Lali Puna, "Faking the Books" and The Notwist, "Neon Golden" - two more reasons for Safe Surfer zu lieben Germany

    The Postal Service, "Give Up" - probably the most famous indietronica group here thanks to their use in soundtracks and recently-completed licensing deal with the US Postal Service, this is a collaboration of Dntel and Death Cab for Cutie.

    Anyhow, there are six picks to start. Have fun...


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    • Nov 24 2004, 13h55
    Barbara Morgenstern.

    She's brilliant, the finest in the genre. Her first album, "Verona ET 6-1," is still probably her best, but the other two have by no means disappointed.

  • "between us and them" is brilliant, one of his finest songs. On the official Ulrich Schnauss site you can download a song that didnt make the "far away trains.." album, its called "a lie for breakfast"...nice song! :)

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    • Dez 14 2004, 14h48

    how about apeiron?

    their album "todo sigue intacto" from foehn record in Spain was very nice.
    if you like mum, you may like this too.

  • For all ears! Suggestion includes "Fantasma" and "Point" by Japanese Shibuya hipster CORNELIUS! He is the Bach or Mozart of our time, delightfully scanned by eastern influence. Hunt it down!

  • Hood

    Lots of good suggestions, but let's not forget Hoods masterpiece Cold House. They have a new album out these days, but I haven't got around to listening to it.

    If you like instrumentals that use analog sounds like strumming of guitars in a quite minimal way, you can check out things like The Books - The Lemon of Pink and Fonica - Ripple.

    Pulseprogramming is nice. Tarwater, To Rococco Rot....

    "If life is prison, music is the yard time.", Blackalicious
  • Yasume and Hood

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    • Jan 27 2005, 1h40

    Re: Germany, i forgive you for WW2 because of:

    Quoth safesurfer:
    Ulrich Schnauss!!!!

    I see you alredy got m83 and boards of canada, so that will make the top three list complete. There are many others, but beware....theres lot of crap in this genre, like any other genre. I posted something earlier with other recommendations...see if you can find it.

    i have just recently discovered ulrich schnauss. very nice...reminiscent of slowdive.

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    • Jan 27 2005, 10h52

    self recomendation...

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  • For schnauss fans i would also recommend William Orbit, as mr.schnauss sounds a bit(to me) like a mix between slowdive and mr. orbit, especially on the far away trains album.

  • Album I was just introduced to a month ago that fits here very nicely is Colder - Again.

    Highly recommend it!

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    • vate disse...
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    • Mar 3 2005, 9h10

    Volk: new stuff from Vate

    Volk is a summary of the work I have done in the last four years. Since then, many movements within Mexican electronic music fused electronic music with popular music. I received a great influence from them and the feedback with other musicians was very strong. The constant in this work is the union of "modern" electronic music with traditional popular sound: music, mass culture or urban subjects. With these ingredients, plus the intention of the Chill ánd Go group and the participation in Urbe Probeta compilation, Volk was developed unconsciously.

    [V07] Vate - Volk
    10 tracks
    mp3 @ Faircopy / Album @ bittorrent / Album @ last.fm

  • which ulrich schnauss to get/listen to?

    I have Far Away Trains Passing By...

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  • Re:

    Quoth IndiElectronica:
    which ulrich schnauss to get/listen to?

    I have Far Away Trains Passing By...

    In addition to that one: A strangely isolated place

    He doesnt have any other official releases that i'm aware of. In addition to that i also have a live recording with brothomstates that i downloaded plus something by "view to the future" that he did prior to his soloalbums(i dont really find it that good). He also has two tracks on a slowdive tribute called "blue skied an' clear", one is a slowdive cover and the other is called "wherever you are"(definitly get this) plus some free songs on his official web page.

    hope that helps...

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    • Mar 17 2005, 0h33
    I'm now obsessed with
    Ms John Soda

    • harrisj disse...
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    • Mar 21 2005, 14h56

    I Am Too

    I must admit I too am now into Ms. John Soda, although I have not bought any of their albums yet...

    Personally, I've really enjoyed the pairing of
    Slowdive, "Catch the Breeze" - British best-of comp
    "Blue Skied n' Clear" - Morr musicians cover Slowdive (1st disc) and offer their own tracks (2nd track).

    Both are well worth it I think. I fell into a cycle of listening to Slowdive's original and B. Fleischmann's/Ms. John Soda's cover of "Here She Comes" this winter. Seemed a good antidote to the snow outside.


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    • Abr 26 2005, 3h58


    i'd recommend Figurine, one of the first projects of Jimmy Tamborello, the electro guy from The Postal Service. he's part of a trio there. and they have excellent fun tracks.

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    • Mai 26 2005, 8h49

    i'll bite

    Greg Davis
    Ogurusu Norihide
    Andrew Coleman
    Four Tet
    Marconi Union
    Anything else I may not have mentioned already here:
    Electroacoustic Poptronica

  • Have a few minutes to give a proper reply here... this is my kind of music and what my station plays!

    harrisj - great list

    PerryParkas - have added all yours to list to check out

    vate - have PM'd you - I want some of this on my Radio Station (Have 5 unsigned bands in next week being added to rotation).

    strangedaze - another great list - half those I know and agree with (DNTEL, Matmos, Manitoba (changed name to Caribou now in case you are curious), Four Tet, Fridge). The others I have added to my list to get :)

    Opinions on bands discussed already

    Yo La Tengo - 'not sure if they are indietronica or not' (probably more Indie like groups like Low or Expolisions in the Sky) but their recent 2 cd best of (Prisoners of Love) is required listening in my book! Seen them live and loved it!

    American Analog Set - I adore this band. Their Updates EP is a perfect example of indietronica (remixes of their singles). Their albums are more indie and best described as drone-pop (I think they are something akin to a modern day Ride)

    Múm has beena group I've meant to check out for ages - will get on it soon.

    Lali Puna and The Notwist are superb and so too of course are Postal Service. Dntel and Figurine I like even more (Jimmy Tamborello's other bands). Ben Gibbard's side project 'All-Time Quarterback' is pretty intersting as well. It's him and some toy keyboards and casio beats etc. Lo-Fi Postal Service I suppose

    Hood - I just received 'Outside Closer' from Domino and it's real gem. Only a few songs on their have much electronica (it's more of an Indie sound) but I recommend it highly. Will get 'Cold House' sooon.

    apeiron, Cornelius and Ms. John Soda added to list to check out as well... (this thread is going to make me broke!!!)

    More Recomendations!

    Amon Tobin - on Ninja Tune records so a bit of of hip-hop fusion here (but not much as I hate hip-hop!)

    Aphex Twin - no surprise here...

    Boom Bip - another one with slight hip-hop influence, but again not too much.

    Colder - Repeating this as it is that good! Indielectronica with a dark edge (many say a bit of Joy Division influence).

    Fennesz - freeform ambient and experimental electronica but still a nice beat to keep it going.

    Four Tet - He's brilliant (though I prefer Pause or Rounds to his new album Everything Ecstatic). My next concert actually (June 4)

    Junior Boys - Very good stuff here - in same ballpark as The Postal Service

    Letting Up Despite Great Faults - an Usigned band that asked me to play their stuff on my station. Quite good actually! (http://www.lettingup.com/)

    Stuff on the edges of this genre I like are Fischerspooner, Ladytron, DJ Shadow, Goldfrapp, Kruder and Dorfmeister, Mogwai, Mylo, Pan Sonic and The Earlies)

    Check out my DJ blog at
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    • Mai 29 2005, 5h23

    Animal Collective

    I would add Animal Collective's last album Sung Tongs and their recent EP to the list, too.


    • murki disse...
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    • Mai 30 2005, 20h09

    More of the same...

    uhmmm you've covered pretty much everything I own if "indietronica" plus a little more, mmm maybe you should also check:

    The Go Find - Miami (from morr music label, kind of postal service-like)
    Stars - any of their 3 cds (this is more of a electro POP music in gral, but they are great!)
    Styrofoam - Nothing's Lost (also from morr label, lots of collaborations with Ben Gibbard, as well as many others)
    The Organ - Grab That Gun (more of electroclash/joy division style, with a female voice)
    13 & God - self-titled (3/5 of the notwist, in a collaboration with a hip hop band called themselves, GREAT)
    Tied & Tickled Trio - Observing Systems (more from the notwist/ms john soda school... but a lot jazzier)

    give em a try

    murki ®

    murki ®
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