4th Of July songs

  • 4th Of July songs

    So I made a 4th of July compilation. Even though it's America's berfday or whatever, I don't give a fuck. Most of these songs are protest songs or just have the word 'America' in the title and I like them. So there.

    If you have suggestions for any others, let me know!

    Team America- America Fuck Yeah
    Flipsyde- US History
    Violent Femmes- America Is
    Soundgarden- 4th of July
    Green Day- American Idiot
    Six Going On Seven- American't
    Pennywise- God Save the USA
    Homie- American Girls
    Choking Victim- Fuck America
    Slaughter- American Pie
    Bouncing Souls- Kids In America
    Devo- Freedom Of Choice
    Jimmy Eat World- Just Watch The Fireworks
    Spinal Tap- America
    The Fags- Firecracker
    Descendents- 'Merican
    Johnny Cash- Ragged Old Flag
    Elliott Smith- Independence Day
    King Missle- America Kicks Ass
    Siouxie & the Banshees- Fireworks
    Blur- Magic America
    Green Day- Favorite Son
    The Libertines- Radio America
    Sound Of Urchin- Fireworks on the 4th of July
    Ted Leo- Many Rivers To Cross
    NOFX- Franco-Unamerican
    Atombombpocketknife- Immigrant Song
    The Sounds- Living In America
    Judas Priest- Red White & Blue
    Bad Religion- Streets Of America
    Ministry- No W
    The Deere Johns- Bad America
    Funkadelic- America Eats Its Young
    David Bowie- This Is Not America

    I want you inside me.
  • sick of it all - america
    spinal tap - america
    jimi hendrix - freedom
    dig for fire - american folk song
    the bronx - heart attack american
    amen - coma america
    beck - american wasteland (no offence :D)

    thats all i could think of! :D

    Reconstruction Continues...
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