• Why they do it?

    Why why why WHY?

    For some how awesome bands do something so ridicilous like listening to the record company and change their style.

    Sometimes, yes sometimes, its good. But when the band takes part of their soul, the part what made us love them, it just makes me wanna blow my brains on to the wall... Something what P.O.D. did. All thanks to God that R.E.M. realized to go a couple of steps back and try to become the band what they used to be.

    So whats your opinion? Which band took away the best part of their music?

  • Money makes people do strange things.

  • That is sad but true, in the words of metallica...

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    • Out 1 2008, 6h34

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    Most of the time, it's for money.

    Sometimes it's because a band just needs a change. That's a little more dignified, and I can understand this reason.

    However, it's very rare that this is the case.

  • if they do it for themselves, thats fine.imagine having to play the same trax over and over again, just because its expected of you?! how dull would that be? we should also remember that once a band gets to be big there is an entourage of staff that also depend on the new album being a success. in this case it is hard for a band to go back to apealing to the hardcore few. lets just enjoy the good tunes and forget the bad

    'We're gonna be clocking up quite a few hours in the Rascal, but i've fitted a blaupunkt system so you got any sounds, please bring 'em along. 'No dance bollocks, if i wanna hear electronic bleeps and farts i'll put my foot through the windscreen of the rascal and listen to the alarm going off!' Tommy Saxondale
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    "So whats your opinion? Which band took away the best part of their music? "

    Sum 41: Their newest album "Underclass Hero" is really strange if you compare it to the older ones. That is no Punk Rock anymore...

    Rise Against: "Appel to Reason" geez...it's more a pop album. It's a big disappointment for me. It's more pop....i expected a new better hard rock record....There are none of their awesome hardcore and punk rock sounds.

    Breaking Benjamin: "Phobia" , worst album of them...the songs sounds too identical, and they aren't even good. In "We are not alone" and "Saturate" (which are much much much better than this Phobia shit) is a bit more alternation, the songs rocks, are very good and cool tunes. But in Phobia this is all missing. The only Songs which i really like are "Diary of Jane" and "Dance with the Devil" ...and the rest...well, i only can say they are ok....they sound so identical.
    Their new album is planned to be released by the end of the year and i hope (!!) it won't end up just like "Phobia".

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    • Out 6 2008, 23h35
    They change SOMETIMES to not become stale and repetitive:)

  • it's usually money

    that's pretty much why Tarja left nightwish cause she wanted them to sell out even more and become more commercial ... i miss the olden day nightwish

  • inner band tensions help too. egos clash often in bands, and can usually end up in new directions for bands. also a lot of bands dont truely want to be punk rockers forever, they want to make enough money to live off of, so they abandon their morals (FOB) and turn to something that has more 'pop' apeal. radio friendly unit shifters.

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  • I think maybe the bands also want more fans
    For instance Green Day. They had nimrod and dookie but both albums were only half successfull and noone knew the rest before american idiot....
    I think they attentionally got more mainstream so they'd get more of the mainstream fans.......I'm not saying american idiot is bad, because it has very many catchy songs, but it clearly isn't punk rock anymore....

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    • Nov 21 2008, 5h30
    Since when did Green Day and Sum 41 started to be Punk?

  • I think the older stuff from green day is punk...

  • post punk, not more.

  • punk rock? pop punk?

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  • ok, guess you all are right :)

  • 1. ???
    2.they did it for the lulz
    3. PROFIT

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    • Jan 4 2009, 23h18

    Change is inevitable...

    I think a good example of a band that 'killed' their old sound is Korn. Yet, it's not been a bad thing. Fans are selfish. People always want their favourite artists to stick to the familiar level. Korn did that for some time till "Take a Look in the Mirror" totaly sucked. Grown-up rich fathers trying to sound like the frustrated youngsters they once were. It sounded fake. They weren't frustrated at all untill they saw the lower than usual selling rates.
    Now the only really frustrated member, Head, left the band and Korn chose a new, lighter direction creating "See You on the Other Side". Fans might disagree but at least they're true.
    People shouldn't forget artists are living persons as well as you and the rest of the world. They develop and thereby change. Other good examples are Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, Marilyn Manson and even Guns N' Roses. It's only a small group of fans that accept the new material.
    There are also some artists that claim to stay true by keeping their good old sound forever. these are the real frauds for everybody changes by time. Examples are 'cocky' Slipknot, Dimmu Borgir and Limp Bizkit.

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