• 12 year old boy, with an IQ higher than Einstein, develops his own theory of…

    Mar 30 2011, 23h54 por grimmless

    Jacob Barnett has an IQ of 170 - higher than Albert Einstein - and is now so far advanced in his Indiana university studies that professors are lining him up for a post doctorate research role.

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  • The Peter Murphy Show last night...

    Mar 27 2011, 20h10 por grimmless

    Sat 26 Mar – Peter Murphy

    was simply incredible. He was elegant, funny, self-deprecating in a humorous fashion, sincere, and very interactive with the audience.

    As for the music itself, he started off the set with 3 new songs from his upcoming album (a total of four for the set), and they were heavy and brilliant. I'm rather excited to hear the new album when it hits in June (I just downloaded the new single for I Spit Roses, from iTunes, which includes the b-side The Prince & Old Lady Shade - only a couple of dollars and well worth it.) He included 2 Bauhaus songs and a cover of Nine Inch Nails song Hurt. From his own library, he pulled heavily from his seminal album, 1990's Deep as well as Cascade (1995).

    He was very intense and used his body to express himself while performing; sometimes pointing a finger off into the distance, or his entire body, face to the ground. He danced around quite a bit, consistently interacting with other band members and the audience. For a few songs, he would spin round in a manner that much reminded me of Dave Gahan live. He moon-walked in place for the entire length of another song, He had me dizzy at times, spellbound - and many others, laughing the deepest laughs I've felt in a long times

    As he was singing and prancing around on stage, he came round to my side of the audience and was shaking hands/holding hands with various audience members. I raised my hand up to him, as I watched him singing, and he looked at me and gave me the most genuine smile. He then reached down and gave my beard a brief knuckle rub (which, for me, was obviously the coolest thing ever) as he made his way back to the stage to continue the performance.

    In the end, he came up on stage with the entire band, arms around each other, bidding adieu. He looked me straight in the eye and mouthed the words "Thank you", with a smile on his face, as well as many others. One of the best concerts, ever!

    Peter Murphy wiki

    Peter Murphy
  • Depeche Mode’s original lineup reunite for remix LP

    Mar 24 2011, 2h45 por grimmless

    I received this email blast from depechemode.com:

    Depeche Mode "Remixes 2: 81-11" Coming June 6th

    On 6 June 2011, Depeche Mode will release Remixes 2: 81-11 on Mute. An inspiring collection of new and classic mixes of material covering their entire career, the album includes remixes of tracks from their 1981 debut Speak And Spell, through to 2009's Sounds Of The Universe, and is the follow-up to 2004's million-plus selling Remixes 81-04. These remixes reinforce Depeche Mode's standing as one of the world's most influential and innovative acts.

    Depeche Mode have been at the forefront of remix culture for the best part of three decades and this new compilation includes classic mixes from M83, UNKLE, Trentemøller, François Kervorkian and Dan The Automator, alongside all-new mixes from Stargate, Eric Prydz, Karlsson & Winnberg (from Miike Snow) and Röyksopp. In addition to this, the expanded editions include exclusive remixes by former band members Vince Clarke and Alan Wilder - the first time either artist has remixed tracks for their former colleagues.

    Remixes 2: 81-11 will be available in two different CD formats; Single and Triple Disc versions, as well as Downloads and as a 6 x 12" vinyl LP box set.

    Highlights from the selection of classic mixes include reworkings of "Dream On" from 2001's Exciter, "Suffer Well," "John the Revelator" and "A Pain That I'm Used To" from 2006's Playing The Angel and "In Chains," "Peace" and "Wrong" from 2009's Sounds Of The Universe, while the new mixes include "Tora! Tora! Tora!" and "Puppets" from 1981's Speak And Spell, "Never Let Me Down Again" and "Behind The Wheel" from Music For The Masses as well as "A Question Of Time" from 1986's Black Celebration. Lead single "Personal Jesus", from 1990's Violator, also features several strong remixes as part of the package. The Remixes 2: 81-11 tracklisting is as follows.

    1-Disc version:
    1. Dream On - Bushwacka Tough Guy Mix Edit (2001)
    2. Personal Jesus - The Stargate Mix (2011)
    3. Suffer Well - M83 Remix (2006)
    4. John The Revelator - UNKLE Reconstruction (2006)
    5. In Chains - Tigerskin's No Sleep Remix Edit (2011)
    6. Peace - SixToes Remix (2009)
    7. Tora! Tora! Tora! - Karlsson And Winnberg (from Miike Snow) Remix (2011)
    8. Never Let Me Down Again - Eric Prydz Remix (2011)
    9. I Want It All - Roland M.Dill Remix (2011)
    10. Wrong - Trentemøller Remix (2009)
    11. Puppets - Röyksopp Remix (2011)
    12. Everything Counts - Oliver Huntemann And Stephan Bodzin Dub (2006)
    13. A Pain That I'm Used To - Jacques Lu Cont Remix (2005)

    3-Disc version
    Disc 1:
    1. Dream On - Bushwacka Tough Guy Mix (2001)
    2. Suffer Well - M83 Remix (2006)
    3. John The Revelator - UNKLE Reconstruction (2006)
    4. In Chains - Tigerskin's No Sleep Remix (2009)
    5. Peace - SixToes Remix (2009)
    6. Lilian - Chab Vocal Remix Edit (2006)
    7. Never Let Me Down Again - Digitalism Remix (2006)
    8. Corrupt - Efdemin Remix (2009)
    9. Everything Counts - Oliver Huntemann And Stephan Bodzin Dub (2006)
    10. Happiest Girl - The Pulsating Orbital Vocal Mix (1990)
    11. Walking In My Shoes - Anandamidic Mix (1993)
    12. Personal Jesus - The Stargate Mix (2011)
    13. Slowblow - Darren Price Mix (1997)

    Disc 2:
    1. Wrong - Trentemøller Club Remix (2009)
    2. World In My Eyes - Dub In My Eyes (1990)
    3. Fragile Tension - Peter Bjorn and John Remix (2009)
    4. Strangelove - Tim Simenon/Mark Saunders Remix (1998)
    5. A Pain That I'm Used To - Jacques Lu Cont Remix (2005)
    6. The Darkest Star - Monolake Remix (2006)
    7. I Feel You - Helmet At The Helm Mix (1993)
    8. Higher Love - Adrenaline Mix Edit (2004)
    9. Fly On The Windscreen - Death Mix (1985)
    10. Barrel Of A Gun - United Mix (1997)
    11. Only When I Lose Myself - Dan The Automator Mix (1998)
    12. Ghost - Le Weekend Remix (2009)

    Disc 3:
    1. Personal Jesus - Alex Metric Remix Edit (2011)
    2. Never Let Me Down Again - Eric Prydz Remix (2011)
    3. Behind The Wheel - Vince Clarke Remix (2011)
    4. Leave In Silence - Claro Intelecto 'The Last Time' Remix (2011)
    5. In Chains - Alan Wilder Remix (2011)
    6. When The Body Speaks - Karlsson And Winnberg Remix (2011)
    7. Puppets - Röyksopp Remix (2011)
    8. Tora! Tora! Tora! - Karlsson And Winnberg (from Miike Snow) Remix (2011)
    9. Freestate - Clark Remix (2011)
    10. I Want It All - Roland M. Dill Remix (2011)
    11. A Question Of Time - Joebot Presents 'Radio Face' Remix (2011)
    12. Personal Jesus - Sie Medway-Smith Remix (2011)

    Depeche Mode belongs to a select premier league of groups who have survived from the early 1980s with their ideals, creative vision and core members intact. Formed in 1981, Depeche Mode - Martin Gore, Dave Gahan and Andy 'Fletch' Fletcher - continue to win critical and commercial acclaim across the world both in the studio and on the road. All of the band's 11 studio albums have reached the Top Ten in not only the UK and USA but 20 plus countries around the world including Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, and Belgium. All told the band has sold more than 95 million albums worldwide.
  • foobar2000 - Last.fm scrobble status code (ver. 5b)

    Fev 26 2010, 17h50 por JaX3RiR

    Just got around to finishing this little bit of code, which I find very useful. To skip the yap-yap and see the code, scroll to the end of the journal.

    This code will, basically, show if the currently playing track has been scrobbled to Last.fm or not, and if not, then how many seconds is left until the scrobble. It is not related to the Last.fm service at all however, so any errors or such will not be notified of. Does not need any other plugins to work, either.

    Not playing = Play to start Last.fm scrobble
    Track shorter than 30 seconds / internet stream = Unable to scrobble current track
    49% - 51% played = Scrobbling...
    Under 50% played = Last.fm scrobble in X seconds
    Over 50% played = Scrobbled to Last.fm

    Works completely without *any* foobar plugins at all, it doesn't even matter if you use foo_audioscrobbler or the official Last.fm scrobbler.


    Play to start Last.fm scrobble:

    Last.fm scrobble in X seconds:


    Scrobbled to Last.fm:

    Unable to scrobble current track (shorter than 30 seconds):

    Unable to scrobble current track (internet stream):


    $if(%isplaying%,$ifgreater(30,%length_seconds%,'Unable to scrobble current track',
    $ifgreater(%playback_time_seconds%,360,'Scrobbled to Last.fm','Last.fm scrobble in '
    $sub(360,%playback_time_seconds%) 'seconds'),
    $div(%length_seconds%,2),'Scrobbled to Last.fm','Last.fm scrobble in '
    $div(%length_seconds%,2)),-1) 'seconds')))),'Play to start Last.fm scrobble')

    Put it where you like in foobar -- I recommend the great plugin Columns UI for more panels and options!

    Should you have any questions, suggestions, feedback, bug notifications or such information, feel free to comment on this journal or on my profile - every shout is appreciated! :)

    DJ Fresh
    Escape From Planet Monday
    Ghetto Blaster
    Solar Flares
    At Play Vol. 2
    This Noise
    Throw [Intro]
    Afterbeat Electronica

    25 / February / 2010:
    - Shows if track is scrobbled or not, after either 50% or 75%
    01 / March / 2010:
    - Shows time left until scrobble as a negative number (will be fixed later)
    04 / March / 2010:
    - Scrobble time fixed, now shows up as a positive number followed by text
    14 / March / 2010:
    - If music is not playing, the code advises to start playback
    - Screenshots of different statuses added to description
    22 / March / 2010:
    - Different statuses fixed, a few grammar and punctuation errors among others
    - Screenshots updated to reflect the new look
    03 / April / 2010:
    - If song is longer than 12 min., will show that it's been scrobbled after 6 min.
    - If song is shorter than 30 seconds, shows that it can't be scrobbled
    - Shows internet streams as unscrobble-able
    05 / April / 2010
    - Now shows "Scrobbling..." when the track has been 49% - 51% played.
    - Screenshots added for "Scrobbling..." and "Unable to scrobble track"
  • Mainstream Test

    Jun 25 2009, 14h46 por morguebabe

    Find the number of listeners for your top 25 artists.

    They Might Be Giants 297,783 listeners
    Ramones 776,485 listeners
    Thelonious Monk 290,357 listeners
    Theme Songs 229,665 listeners
    Five Iron Frenzy 56,718 listeners
    Get Set Go 60,873 listeners
    Rush 439,537 listeners
    New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble 27,019 listeners
    James Brown 620,211 listeners)
    Nirvana 1,749,999 listeners
    Relient K 326,062 listeners
    Chevelle 419,787 listeners
    The Smashing Pumpkins 1,332,430 listeners
    Miles Davis 633,385 listeners
    Goo Goo Dolls 885,995 listeners
    CKY 260,388 listeners
    Green Day 1,543,497 listeners
    Guns N' Roses 1,315,528 listeners
    New York Dolls 157,290 listeners
    Bob Marley & The Wailers 663,410 listeners
    The Who 1,162,728 listeners
    Metallica 1,380,579 listeners
    Barenaked Ladies 423,655 listeners
    Billie Holiday 545,689 listeners
    Little Richard 203,810 listeners

    total 15,795,880
    divide by 25
    Divide by the number of Coldplay listeners. (2,197,746 )
    28.7 = 29% Mainstream.
  • Mainstream test

    Abr 10 2009, 23h55 por EnfermoCerebro

    Find the number of listeners for your top 25 artists.

    Cold - 234,232 listeners
    Papa Roach - 759,775 listeners
    Marilyn Manson - 899,946 listeners
    Pain - 151,082 listeners
    Exilia - 50,857 listeners
    Ünloco - 82,891 listeners
    Nickelback - 945,355 listeners
    Dope - 234,532 listeners
    Soilwork - 205,563 listeners
    Слот - 19,463 listeners
    Revelation Theory - 34,860 listeners
    Crossfade - 249,004 listeners
    Soil - 222,526 listeners
    Saliva - 308,246 listeners
    Charon - 90,517 listeners
    Entwine - 93,321 listeners
    Delain - 50,162 listeners
    Atreyu - 359,388 listeners
    Scorpions - 580,892 listeners
    Theory of a Deadman - 164,378 listeners
    In This Moment - 37,708 listeners
    Ill Niño - 280,917 listeners
    Breaking Benjamin - 551,551 listeners
    Zeromancer - 64,486 listeners
    Guano Apes - 472,026 listeners

    Total: 7,143,578

    Divide by 25.

    Average: 285743.12

    Divide by the number of Coldplay listeners. (2,197,746 )

    = 0,130016444

    Multiply by 100 and round, if necessary.

    13% Mainstream

  • The Worst Album Covers... Ever, Ever, Ever.

    Mar 17 2009, 23h14 por psykatty

    Kevin Rowland ....creeped out?

    The Handsome Beasts

    The Frivolous Five .....oh yeah. Old women covered in sour cream.


    Manowar ...... n/m, all Manowar album covers are hilarious and you know it

    Xiu Xiu ... the actual cover doesn't have the orange box

    ... awesome

    Johnny Houston ... sexy

    .... yeah. Original is not censored on this one either.


    ... nice hair

    Prince He has a few other creepy ones as well but, you only get one for now.


    They're a blind trio and they call themselves the Braillettes. How awesome is that.

    The Beatles

    William Hung


    Millie Jackson

    MC Pooh

    the best one

    Alla Pugatjova

    Mike Adkins

    Feel free to share if you have any suggestions for the list!
  • A Second Oasis B-Sides Compilation Album?

    Jan 5 2009, 5h11 por ServalCat

    It's not likely to ever happen, but if Oasis were to release a second B-Side compilation album, like The Masterplan, what would your ideal track listing be? Mine is:

    01 - Flashbax
    02 - Cloudburst
    03 - Idler's Dream
    04 - Round Are Way
    05 - Sad Song
    06 - D'Yer Wanna Be a Spaceman?
    07 - Carry Us All
    08 - Just Getting Older
    09 - (I Got) The Fever
    10 - Step Out
    11 - Angel Child
    12 - Let's All Make Believe
  • So good!

    Nov 5 2008, 20h17 por jellyfrog23

    Finding new artists to get excited about this week --

    The Rescues

    The Dog Days

    Both indie/folk rock and lovely. And The Dog Days has an entire album of free downloads. FREE. ALBUM. How can you go wrong? That kind of thing makes my week.

    Edit: Okay, one more! The Sleeping Years. OMG, love at first listen.

    I find some of my favorite music at Central Point.

  • What's next?

    Out 23 2008, 16h44 por jellyfrog23

    Going through a bit of a dry spell... I'm not finding a whole lot of new music to get excited about lately. My recommendations are letting me down. :P There's a lot that's okay, not much I love.

    The exceptions -- The One AM Radio, Ocean Reid, and a couple songs by The Agape Rose (hauntingly beautiful music, completely nonsensical lyrics. Yet they sing them with such emotion that I feel like no, they must mean something but I'm just not deep enough to get it).

    I couldn't find Ocean Reid on iTunes so I ordered the CD from his website (http://www.oceanreid.com/boutique.htm) for £4.45. I don't actually have any idea how much money that is (yes, I'm an ignernt provincial American), but regardless, it was well worth it.