• Dead Ringers
    Harry Enfield Television Show
    And though I haven't even watched an episode, I really want to see some Azumanga Daioh. Duuno why.

    Music Advice Center

    "remember that? there is a reason that animals are killed. It's called fucking FOOD. And raping?! what the fuck does that mean? if your talking about the milking of cows' utters, then your fucking wrong. if their not milked, they explode, and you get a cow who dies froman infection because you tried to stop producing dairy. you are a fucking retard."
  • in no significant order:

    The Office (the original with ricky gervais)

    i listen to music.
  • I dont have much time for tv, but I make it for:

    Project Runway

  • people listing the oc greatly upsets me.

    anyway, my 3 favourite tv shows are:

    1. the mighty boosh - so fucking funny, i went to see the live show too which was incredible.
    2. shameless
    3. green wing.

  • Rescue Me
    The Contender

  • well mission hill is no longer on tv (except for adult swim, i think, sometimes) and that's all the tv i need. it's just so damn chill.

    i like strangers with candy a whole lot. also canceled.

    this old house

  • rosahelikopter said:
    people listing the oc greatly upsets me.

    Agreed, the OC is complete and utter garbage designed to forever sterotype the average teenage mind and kill brain cells
    p.s. I can't believe Marisa died!

    Typical bored island girl
  • Well now...

    *scrubs (like everybody else...great soundtrack to)
    *Lost (just can't help it)
    *American Dad & Family Guy
    *Conan o'Brien is a cutie!
    *Little Britain

    R.I.P shows
    *Buffy and Angel
    *Six feet under

  • 1. Entourage. hell yes.
    2. Arrested Development
    3. Project Runway

    oh and who wants to be a superhero is AMAZING haha. go fat momma.

  • 1. The O.C.
    2. Lost, obviously.
    3. Errrr... Desperate Housewives.

    Ooer I'm so alternative.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Ago 20 2006, 23h31
    The Simpsons
    The O.C. (probably the best soundtracks ever on a show)

    oh, and Jeopardy!

  • 1. Weeds! Best show ever. Seriously.
    2. Strangers With Candy. Even though it was canceled forever ago.
    3. Freaks and Geeks. Also canceled a long time ago...after only one season!
    4. Arrested Development. Why does every single show I like get canceled? Ugh.
    5. Lost.

  • 1. nip/tuck
    2. the sopranos
    3. curb your enthusiasm

    oh and lucky louie is also amazing. i am surprised more people don't like it.

  • 1. Six feet under, best show ever!
    2. Twin Peaks, (don't if it counts since I saw it on dvd...)
    3. Sopranos, (really liked it for a while then I got tired of all the unlit rooms and Tonys deep nosebreathing).

  • Six Feet Under
    Curb Your Enthusiasm
    South Park

    • daigoro2 disse...
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    • Ago 24 2006, 11h26
    Battlestar Galactica

    You think you can find me.. I'm dust, I'm the wind, I'm darkness in your shadow...
    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Ago 24 2006, 16h02
    1. The Office (British or American, whichever.)
    2. Lost
    3. Scrubs

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Ago 24 2006, 16h02
    honorable mentions:

    dog bites man
    curb your enthusiasm
    da ali g show
    mind freak
    twin peaks
    strangers with candy

    • Poppy_x disse...
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    • Out 3 2006, 18h49
    1. BONES <3 Seriously loveness!
    2. Grey's Anatomy ( Where are the GA fans here..)
    3. has to be X-Files
    Oooo...I just need a few more
    4. 'Ronica Mars
    5. Scrubs

    I soooo sould be american!

  • Scrubs
    The OC (even though season 2 was bad and 3 not a whole lot better)
    Black Books

    Black Books is not on air anymore, but I watch very little television and most of what I watch is either on DVD or downloaded so I don't have to wait months for it to air in Australia.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Out 31 2006, 12h22
    Grey's Anatomy
    McLeod's Daughters

    Too bad Veronica Mars isn't on Dutch Tv, i'm glad that we have German tv.

    • _nadia_ disse...
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    • Out 31 2006, 19h38
    1. Peep Show (please someone say they've heard of it [and love it! :-) ]
    2. QI
    3. Spooks

    • zarma disse...
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    • Nov 1 2006, 16h06
    1.The Sopranos
    2.The Wire (ooouh, that's a reaaly good Crime Drama, oh yes sir, too bad it ain't popular)
    3. Family Guy

    "I was a dark dumb student, no hokey rookie, daytrippin on visions of chickens that looked like R. Crumb drew em.
    Aesop Rock" - Catacomb Kids
    • giech disse...
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    • Nov 4 2006, 5h01

    Editado por giech em Abr 13 2007, 7h08
  • 1. Arrested Development. Arrested Development transcends all time and space, and thus is always on television. At least, it's always on my television. Either way, it's the greatest show to exist, ever.
    2. The Venture Bros. The Venture Bros may be the best adult cartoon ever created. Better than Family Guy, better than The Simpsons. Seriously.
    3. Weeds. Cause it's awesome.

    Honorable mention: Almost anything on HBO. Big Love, Sopranos, Deadwood, Curb Your Enthusiasm, the list goes on. Desperate Housewives... it's so trashy, but it's so good! I mean that sincerely, it's very smart (at times). And Bullshit! Cause the populace should be better informed.

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