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Líder: tmurchis
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Criado em: 9 Mar 2004
promoting melodic pop via anti-rock since 1998.

"HUSH radiates love, music and goodwill to the world from Portland, Oregon. From a tiny seed into a multifaceted tree--all buds bursting and songbirds singing, all growth rings and green ebullience--HUSH has endured feast and famine to deliver music and marvel to your ears with over 60 releases and ticking. Not so much a business as an unstoppable force of nature, not so much a label as a shield, not so much a publisher as a conduit, not so much an enterprise as an uprise, not so much commerce as community, HUSH is here to BRING IT. Simple and pure and bright and bold and lasting. HUSH says treats not trends! HUSH says backbone, not bombs! HUSH says create not criticize! And damn if it just doesn't ring clear."

--taken from Hush Records

...for fans of Amy Annelle, Blanket Music, Bobby Birdman, Casey Dienel, Graves, KoLS, Kaitlyn Ni Donovan, Noise for Pretend, Norfolk and Western, The Operacycle, The Places, Parks and Recreation, Reclinerland, Corina Repp, Shelly Short, Esperanza Spalding, Super XX Man, and Chad Crouch, as himself and as Toothfairy, as well as a myriad of past releases.

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