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Líder: SpeT007
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Criado em: 21 Out 2007
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Background information
Genre(s) Metalcore
Occupation(s) Musician
Instrument(s) Vocals
Ferret Records
Roadrunner Records
Killswitch Engage
Acts Blood Has Been Shed

With Blood Has Been Shed
I Dwell on Thoughts of You (September 21, 1999, Ferret Records)
Novella of Uriel (February 20, 2001, Ferret Records)
Spirals (March 11, 2003, Ferret Records)

With Killswitch Engage:
Reissue of Alive or Just Breathing 2003
The End of Heartache (May 11, 2004, Roadrunner Records)
As Daylight Dies (November 21, 2006, Roadrunner Records)
Killswitch Engage (June 30, 2009, Roadrunner Records)

Guest Appearances:
36 Crazyfists – Rest Inside the Flames ("Elysium")
Demon Hunter – Summer of Darkness ("Our Faces Fall Apart")
Eighteen Visions – Vanity ("One Hell of a Prize Fighter")
Fragment Metal – Answers ("Inertia")
Roadrunner United – All-Star Sessions ("The Dagger")
Throwdown – Vendetta ("The World Behind")
Ill Bill - The Hour of Reprisal ("Babylon")
Every Time I Die - Last Night In Town ("Punch-Drunk Punk Rock Romance")
Aiden - "Conviction" ("Son Of Lies")
Believer - "Gabriel" ("The Brave")

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