The saddest/most unforgettable scenes in Hachikuro.

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    • Abr 7 2007, 20h54

    The saddest/most unforgettable scenes in Hachikuro.

    Just as the title of the thread says, list all the saddest/most unforgettable moments/arc in Hachikuro.

    I believe the saddest arc has got to be in Honey & Clover season II when they finally talk about Morita's background. You find out his reason for making all that money and his older brother's revenge against the man who took over their father's company. It's such a lonely story and I loved the way they did it in the anime as well. Besides that, Morita is my favorite character. :3

    An unforgettable moment in Honey & Clover first season is the arc where Takemoto goes on his bicycle road trip and tries to find himself. I think that is really awesome, and sometimes I want to something like that: go on a journal with no predetermined destination.

    I cried in the Hagu arc in season II when she is suffering from finding herself as an artist and hurts her hand in the process. There were many things she said that hit me in the chest and made me think, "wow that's how I feel too."

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    • Abr 7 2007, 22h44
    To me, the saddest part in season one is when Takemoto on his self-searching trip and saw the bullet train and thought of his dad riding off. For me, the second saddest is when everyone returned from clover searching and Hagu confesses to Shuuji (Hanamoto Sensei) that she couldn't find a four-leaf clover (and starts bawling).

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    • Abr 8 2007, 9h26
    saddest...probably morita arc end of season 2 like you said nuriko. i've liked morita a lot more after i rewatched the series all in a row and paid more attention to episode 11, which i think is a great episode packed with a LOT of content. morita's struggle against his brother and himself is pretty ridiculous. the curse of the envied is brought out so well and rings so true to real life.

    unforgettable - mayama/ayu piggyback ride. no doubt...especially with waltz kicking in at the perfect time

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    • Abr 8 2007, 16h58
    i cried every single episode, man. it's hard to say the saddest. all moments i'll say are the ones i can't exclude..

    ☆ the end of the first season when Takemoto says to Hagu "I love you"
    ☆ in first season when Yamada cries in Mayama shoulders saying "suki.. suki.."
    ☆ when Hagu have a fever because of Morita
    ☆ when Morita flies to America and Takemoto goes to the airport and start screaming
    ☆ in the second season when Morita says he can't love Hagu enough to make her happy, that he never would give up of everything because of her, and Shuu-chan can do it.
    ☆ when Takemoto (2° season too) is leaving Tokyo and Hagu find him on the train and give him the pancakes with honey and clover (he never liked her food before XD)
    ☆ when Rika and Mayama sleep together and in the morning she tries to run away, so Mayama open his heart
    ☆ when Yamada cries to Morita about Mayama and he says "so why do you still love him?" and she can't anwser

    and a lot of moments. impossible to talk about everything here.

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    well i tried to think of a good way of saying how there's not one (or even a few) scene that deserves to be pointed out. and the first thing that came to my mind was: Honey & Clover itself is one giant beautiful slice of life. it makes you smile and cry, it affects your life (at least it did so with mine) and it's something more than only animation. and therefore it's full of small, special moments. you all named them and the only one i can add is the scene in which Yamada talks about the flowers in a fantastic, metaphorical way.

    oh, and the scene with Mayama and Rika in the hotel with Honoho in the background. my heart was racing like crazy... pure emotions

  • Morita is my favorite character too! And I have to say, one of the saddest moments throughout the anime is when Morita reminisces on his past, especially the scenes with his father.

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    • Jun 15 2007, 13h41
    Mayama is my favorite character. Most of his parts where sad and touching. The part where Yamada says "Suki.. Suki.." and he only answers with "uh".

    the part where Mayama sleeps with Rika, the night where she was suicidal.

    "Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen,
    Mit der ich sonst viele Zeit verdorben,
    Sie hat so lange nichts von mir vernommen,
    Sie mag wohl glauben, ich sei gestorben!" - Mahler
  • I love the end...
    it's so sad though
    I love takemoto talking about the stuff that happened until then
    and i cried so much when a watched the part with takemoto and the cheese & clover sandwich D:

    →Shion xxx
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    • Set 22 2008, 10h07
    in2mywonderland said:
    I love takemoto talking about the stuff that happened until then
    and i cried so much when a watched the part with takemoto and the cheese & clover sandwich D:


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