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Líderes: Stopperator e panquetofobia
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Criado em: 28 Jun 2007

For unlikely but gifted sleuths, trackers and visionary listeners :

Join this group to tune your ear to hits-to-be or songs that weren't recognized enough and be on target for a federation that detects hits and thereby confirms a worldwide dominion regarded as precursor for intended chartbreaker.

A status code for trend-setter.
A milestone for catchy tunes.
An incentivisation for melodies that are good as gold.

Recommendations are appreciated, new* members are

A forum
that posts insider tips about hits that are worth to be heard.

A virtual research community

breaking all barriers and frontiers.

It's all about
assuring success to find more connections between countries
concerning good

because it's
happening too much
by accident ..


tries to give fate a form of destiny by adding fortune .

*Join Conditions: Interest in happy people(,) listening to fine music* and one click on Join this group
* Join Criteria will check you to be worth to become a Hithunter ;)

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